Arnon Dror a Senior Operations Executive from Portland Oregon was the VP of Finance for the US Channel Group Xerox .  Arnon Dror a high ranking first class executive here discusses the pros and cons of recruiting a new employee from outside of your existing business rather than offering promotion to an employee from within your existing business.  As always there are of course two sides to this debate.

Sometimes you do need to get some new life blood into your business as a way to shake up and renew the spirit of the team.  Sometimes you require skills or knowledge that your existing team do not possess.

It may be that you know someone, or have worked with someone before, who you know can get the job done, will fit in well and motivate the existing team.  You just need to convince the team that this is the case.  People in a working environment are much more likely to be afraid of change even though they may eventually embrace it and be glad of it.  At first the initial reaction can be one of fear.

However, as discussed there is also a converse side of the coin.  You need to consider what effect bringing someone in will have on other workers who have been trying to impress you and showcase their skills.  If you bring in new employees above them to do a job that they have been hoping and working really hard towards, they may not see the point in remaining with your company and you may lose a highly skilled and dedicated worker.

Another benefit that promoting from within brings is that employees already know each other; you can promote someone who you know the team respect, admire and get along with.  You know that they are dedicated to your company and that they know it inside out.  They are aware of the company’s ethos and how it does business.

You may also promote someone from outside and they may not fit at all with the way the team works, what the business stands for or its ethics.  There may be resentment from other team members although this will be controlled by a skilled manager.

Promoting staff from within also encourages other team members to work hard.  They may see that hard work, loyalty and caring about your work do deliver rewards.  You could express your interest in becoming the next employee to be promoted, to your manager, and perhaps together you could come up with a plan of what you need to do and the skills you need to demonstrate in order to do this.  As a manager you don’t want employees trafficking to make ends meet.

To ensure the success of your business requires passion, drive and dedication.  In fact you need to be as passionate about your business and recruitment as Arnon Dror is about the wonderful  Boston Celtics and New England Patriots.  You will then be on your way to well deserved success.