Pregnancy is a period of cravings for tempting food which can vary from pickles, to spicy and sweet foods. Some women are fond of having a particular type of sweet like chocolates which are quite favorites of most women. Luckily, it has been scientifically proven that chocolates are actually good for pregnant women. Chocolates pose various health benefits to pregnant women which is a driving force for women to have their favorite chocolates during the time period. So if you have a pregnant wife or anyone expecting in your family, then sending chocolates by post would be a great idea to boost their morale.

The Health Benefits during Pregnancy

According to a study, high flavanol chocolate can help in fetal growth and make placenta efficient.

In addition to this, chocolates can help in reducing the dangerous risks of pregnancy complication called preeclampsia, from Université Laval Québec City scientists. Currently it has been observed that dark chocolate is the most effective type of chocolate in reducing this risk of preeclampsia.

Chocolate contains a lot of calcium almost equivalent to milk which is important for the development of bones of the baby as well as good for mother’s health. Chocolates also have antioxidants which reduce the risk of heart diseases or cancer and also improve the immunity of your baby.

Stress is a very common element during pregnancy and it instigates mood swings among most of the pregnant women. Chocolates have the tendency to provide comfort and improve a pregnant woman’s mood.

Since chocolate is helping pregnant ladies to keep their nerves calm, hence, they also help them to maintain their blood pressure. Cocoa which is the main driving force in stimulating the blood, helping the blood vessels to dilate, aids in blood pressure regulation of a pregnant woman.

How much Chocolate is Safe to Eat?

It is a known fact that everything should be taken into appropriate quantity during pregnancy. Similarly, eating chocolate in moderation during pregnancy is completely safe. Since chocolates contain caffeine and taking too much caffeine during pregnancy may cause disturbance in your normal body functions. Hence, pregnant women should keep their caffeine intake below 200gms per day during pregnancy. Also increased intake of chocolate may cause diabetes and weight gain due to exceptional calories it has. Therefore, if you are taking caffeine in any other form like tea or coffee regularly, then you must reduce your chocolate intake per day.

What kind of Chocolate to Eat During Pregnancy?

Dark chocolates are said to be perfect during pregnancy as they contain essential compounds of magnesium, iron, theobromine which bring potential health benefits as discussed above.

Chocolates can be consumed in different forms except chocolate mousse which contains raw eggs. They can cause illness and might transfer bacteria to the baby.

It is better to consume chocolates with more cocoa composition which you will mostly find in organic chocolates. Also these chocolates have fewer amounts of sugar and artificial sweetners which should be taken in controlled or lesser quantity during pregnancy.

Overall, chocolates are considered safe to be consumed by pregnant women until they are taken in appropriate quantity.