Birthdays are special days which everyone wants to celebrate with their loved ones. Birthdays are never complete without a birthday cake, candles and gifts! If you are away from loved on on their special day, there are tons of ways in which you can be a part of their birthday while being miles away from them. These days, there are a lot of good and reputed Indian websites that offer cake deliveries, gifts, flowers and even midnight cake delivery in Udaipur, Mumbai, Kerala or anywhere across India at affordable rates. But sending a cake and a greeting card is so cliché. You can send some simple gifts which are not too expensive along with the birthday cake to your loved on.

Here are a few simple gifts that you can send to your loved ones along with their birthday cake –

Soft Toys and Action Figures

If you are sending a birthday cake for your children, very young nieces and siblings, soft toys are the best option for girls and action figures for boys. You can also gift a soft toy for a boy provided it is his favorite cartoon character as boys generally don’t like teddy bears and dolls. For the girls, you can send them their favorite cartoon characters as well as teddy bears to make their day!

Books and Stationery

If your loved one likes collecting stationery and is fond of reading books and novels, you can send them a nice novel of a genre that they enjoy reading. You can also send them stress therapy colouring books along with coloring pencils, paint and other such coloring accessory. You can also customize your stationery on their favorite themes such as TV shows, anime, movies etc.

Fragrance and Beauty Products

There are a lot of good brands that have affordable beauty products such as lotions, creams, shower gels etc. You can pick a few online along with a nice bottle of cologne and fragrance in a nice goodie bag. Online gifting sites have ready made gift baskets of such items and toiletries that you can add to your online shopping basket along with the birthday cake before you checkout.

Home Décor

A nice wall clock, showpiece, photo frames etc. are easily available online on shopping websites for affordable prices. You can add such items to your shopping basket along with the cake order. Ensure you pick a thoughtful home décor item which your loved one will like and can use in their home. Offline gifting stores also have a lot of ready options in case you don’t want to shop online.

These are a few easily available options for gifting that you can opt for when sending a cake to your loved one on their birthday. Reputed websites also do midnight cake delivery in Udaipur or anywhere across India for low delivery charges and can gift wrap all your gifting items. In case you forget your loved one’s birthday, you can do a last minute order as well without any hassle all thanks to the e-commerce websites.