Have you ever seen a perfectly polished girl and thought she looked fascinating, but that something was missing? Maybe you have stood in front of the mirror in a fabulous dress and still felt incomplete? The truth is that we have all been there! In cases like these, there is an essential that is often overlooked and can make you look lovable: accessories!

We are talking jewelry, bags, shoes, etc. Do you love jewelry, and do you fancy wearing statement necklaces? They are a huge hit and it doesn’t seem like they are going anywhere any time soon. A necklace like this can transform a plain outfit into something special and make a huge impact on your entire style.

Easy Ways To Style Your Statement Necklaces

The easiest way to wear your necklace is to style it with something that is otherwise boring, like a t-shirt and jeans, or a plain dress. Statement necklaces can be worn in so many interesting ways and are such an easy way to dress up something simple. Here are some easy ways to follow this bold trend.


This type of necklace can be worn with dressy, trendy and casual combinations. You can wear your layered necklace with your favorite collared striped and V-neck shirts. Also, you can complete your look with a leather jacket and a pair of tight ripped jeans.


To achieve clean and professional look, accessorize your working attire with a pastel colored necklace over your top. Striped or white collared shirts are very easy to style therefore you can simply add a statement necklace that goes great with your look. Remember that you should avoid wearing bright or thick necklaces at work. Stay away from crystal necklaces too, and stick to simple neutral or pastel colored designs.


The combos we wear on a daily basis are nothing really spectacular, but you can jazz up any outfit by adding a feminine statement necklace. Many girls doubt the possibility of styling bold necklaces with simple clothes, but you can always select an accessory design that is not very bright and can fit your look the best.


Compared to colorful necklaces, the monochromatic designs are ideal for colorful combinations. Most of us want to keep our outfits lively all year round, therefore the monochromatic necklaces are a perfect add-on to your cheerful outfits. A crystal necklace look great in a comb with any colored outfit.


  • Style your button-down shirt with a super long necklace for a fresh vibe
  • Update your overalls with a large, colorful statement necklace
  • Casual graphic tees look more dressy with a statement necklace.