Many people find that they have been tricked out of their money by studio films in Hollywood. People don’t really know what to expect when they see a film and they often rely on trailers they watch in the Internet and TV to choose the film that they want to see. Unfortunately, with trailers, film makers often trick the audience by choosing the most explosive, funniest and scariest scenes in the film. They use the right angles and composition to make people think that the film looks really fantastic. Unfortunately, it is likely that the film is nothing like what we see in the trailer. Months before the actual releases of the film, we are bombarded with trailers, posters and various PR messages from film makers. We encounter dozens of pop-up ads of the film when we use the Internet. People also often have high hopes for big budget films, thinking that they will show all the majestic scenes on the screen. However, there’s always a risk that you have wasted the $10 movie ticket and perhaps more, on the overpriced snacks.

It is possible that you end up spending $50 for the whole family to watch boring and perhaps even upsetting film. This is not a good quality time for the whole family and it’s an experience that you don’t want to have again. This is quite bad, but the worse thing is that you may repeat this the next week, hoping that the next film will give proper entertainment for you and the whole family. You need to see why this problem can occur and it’s often caused by our over-reliance on trailers. There’s no way to guarantee that all films you see will be good. It doesn’t mean that you should ignore trailers. They are still important to give you some ideas of what the film will look like on screen. There are also many non-spoiler reviews that can provide you with objective analysis on the film. You should also ask friends who have the same taste to know their opinions about the film. If they enjoy the film, then it is likely that you will feel the same thing. It is a good idea to choose reliable reviewers, especially those who have similar taste as you. This should help you to choose the most enjoyable film for the weekend.

It is also a good idea to choose actors and directors that you like. If you like their previous works, then there’s a good chance that you will like their current films. Professionals in film industry should know what they are doing. If you don’t really know about a director or actor, you should check their previous films. If the film is based on a book, you should make sure that you like the genre of the book, because it will heavily influence the storyline of the film. There’s nothing wrong about a little late when watching a film. You should wait until the opening weekend ends and you should be able to find out what the general public is feeling about the film.