Biotechnology in simple words mean using the biological systems to invent new technologies useful to man which in turn means a developmental process and manufacturing of valuable products employing certain biological systems. Biotechnology heavily combines the use of biology and chemistry for the development of newer products that improve the overall life quality of human beings.

Most of the Biotechnology courses these days are oriented towards educating today’s generation in the advances accomplished in the field of recombinant DNA technology and genetic engineering where the emphasis is laid largely upon the details of the techniques profoundly applied in these studies. There are currently more than 45 universities in India offering M Sc in Biotechnology with more than a dozen courses in agricultural biotechnology, marine biotechnology along with sundry medical biotechnology.

Biotechnology graduates are considered to be qualified to work in varied fields within the biotechnology industry, including manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial products, agriculture and bio-instrumentation. Biotechnology has infinite potential to improve the health and overall well-being of mankind in the progressive world. Biotechnology in industry domains employs all the techniques of new-age molecular biology to minimise the environmental effect of manufacturing. It undoubtedly is bettering the safety of raw materials by enabling food scientists to discover the exact identities of the allergenic protein in edibles like peanuts, soybeans and milk, so that they can wipe them out in entirety.

Biotechnology has also provided the law enforcement entities with another different way of placing a suspect at the crime scene. The new-age techniques of biotechnology are widely utilized in agriculture, a large number of industrial applications, forensics, manufacturing and other allied industries. Today, even the smallest start-up firms along with multinational corporations make use of biotechnology in chemical, environmental remediation, pharmaceutical, agriculture, and energy industry verticals. Keeping the same uses and applicability in mind, reputed Biotech colleges in Chhattisgarh and in some other states of the country design their course structures.

Application in Agricultural Industry

It is utilized to modify existing plants and animals to meet customized consumer demands for more nutritious, and to produce a wide variety foods in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Application in Environmental Issues

Biotech finds use in strategic hazardous waste management and pollution control in the ways which are highly nature friendly.

Industrial Biotechnology

Biotech works effectively to make manufacturing processes efficiently workable for industries including textiles, paper and pulp, and a wide range of specialty chemicals.

Forensic Biotechnology

It is one of the most talked about areas that makes uses of an ultra advanced methodology called DNA fingerprinting.

To specialize in any of the above-mentioned areas, what you need is to seek admission in one of the reputed Biotechnology colleges in Chhattisgarh or in any other city or state in India. Almost all the reputed colleges conduct their own entrance examinations in which students have to live up to the prescribed criteria. A good preparation for the entrance examination is simply a prerequisite to get admitted to a college of repute. Coaching from a professional tutor or a coaching institute is highly recommended for sure success.