The tradition of fancy dress can be traced back to the seventeenth century Italy, where people used to wear fancy dresses in the carnival to hide their identity. This phenomenon spread to various parts of Europe, and by the end of eighteenth century, it was a wide spread phenomena not only in Europe, but also in the America. Various events were turned into costume dress events that would add glamour and modernism to the event.

There are many unique ideas and ways you can try to be the best in a fancy dress event. But there are some basics that you should always take care of before going to such an event. Here we highlight the most important aspects that should always be taken care of.

Let’s say that you have to choose the best Roman soldier armor among many options. The armor you choose should perfectly fit your body. It should not look too heavy and should also not be very simple.

Buying Guide You Need To Refer Before Buying A Fancy Roman Armor For Men Or Women

Before buying, let us take a look at the history of these Roman armor.

Who were they?

Roman Armour was worn by the centurions. They were the leaders of the great roman armory, who would eventually be promoted to the rank of the legion. They were born to lead with example.

Always seen fighting besides their men, the leaders inspired their men to victory in many wars they fought. They were very skillful and extremely well built. They also were capable of fighting with a heavy iron or steel armor on their shoulders.

To wear a Roman soldier costume to any fancy dress event, you must also fit into the character of the roman warrior. As a centurion, you were required to carry weapons. These weapons included armor, dagger, javelin, sword etc.

In order to get a proper roman warrior look, you also need to take care of some of the accessories that were used by these warriors. Always follow these general rules before you jump to a conclusion:

  • Break Expectations. Always try to do things out of the box. Breaking expectations is the new sexy and garners attention.
  • Never miss out on the accessories related to your costume. They seem minor but serve a great purpose in maintaining the overall aesthetic of the costume.
  • Always have a pre-planned budget for your purchase. If you go on a shopping spree for your costumes, you may end up spending more money that you rather would. So it is wise to plan your spending before you begin.
  • Always plan in advance. Do not leave the shopping and other things for the last moment. You never know what you may miss out on.
  • Always check the weather on the day of the event. If it is about to rain, you do not want rain to spoil the look of your costume. You should make proper arrangements before going to the event.

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