Teenagers are notoriously hard to buy for. Their tastes change so quickly—the gift you bought for them last week might be out of style or horrendously lame before their birthdays roll around next week. So what do you do? How do you make sure your kids like the gifts they get…especially if you’re on a really tight budget?

Gift Ideas for Your Teen

1. Clothes

A couple of cute clothing items are often going to be well received. Use a Karmaloop coupon code to buy a fun t-shirt or hat that your teen can show off at school.

If you aren’t sure what sort of designs or brands to buy your teen, why not help them stock up on basics? For example: plain or subtly patterned long sleeved t-shirts that they can wear under short sleeved shirts they pick out themselves? It probably feels boring but it will be appreciated.

2. Accessories

Fun rings and other jewelry are typically well received by most teens, regardless of their gender. You could also spring for that messenger bag or backpack someone has been coveting.

3. Software

These days almost everything your kids do involves a computer. Why not save up for some professional grade software? For example, if your daughter is really into architecture and drafting, you can surprise her with the professional grade AutoCAD program. If your son really loves making movies, some ProTools software could be a good idea.

4. Hobbies

What does your teen love to do? Pay attention and look for hobbies that last over the long term—things they go back to even after they’ve indulged in a fad for a while. If your daughter is constantly playing around with your camera, why not get her a DSLR of her own? Is your son always drawing in his notebook? Buy some professional grade art supplies. These types of gifts can be expensive but there are a few big sales that happen every year that you can use for your advantage.

5. Gift Cards

So many parents (and teens, frankly) see gift cards as a last resort. They can, though, be a lifesaver. Giftcards to Forever21, Best Buy, Amazon, iTunes, etc—these allow them to buy things that they want on your dime and at their own pace. It’s a good way to help them get exactly what they want. But make sure you teach them how to use gift cards correctly (aka save them until they find what they truly want instead of trying to use them up all at once).

Remember—even if they are loathe to express it—your teens will appreciate the effort you put into your gift giving. It’s okay if something isn’t perfect. It really is the thought that counts!