During the web development project, we could face various payment, pricing and deposit problems. It is possible that clients don’t work professionally and this could expose us to unnecessary risks. Deposits are needed especially in projects that last for more than a month. We will need to pay for bills and salaries, if we have employees in our web development firm. In this case, we should have a reliable payment structure for both small and big problems. As an example, 20 percent deposit can be needed before the project starts. About 70 percent of the payment can be delivered through various milestones in the project. The last 10 percent can be paid when the contract is signed.

The final payment should be helpful in ensuring the client that the project won’t stall for various reasons. In this situation, we should be able to demonstrate to clients that we are able to deliver works professionally. We should be able to deliver things beyond our competitors’ ability such as more effective meetings and quicker development time. It is obviously a big problem if clients refuse or can’t pay bills on time. It is true that clients are mostly reasonable and they will respond positively when reminded courteously. They shouldn’t be people who try to take advantage of us, but it is still important for us to remind them about the proper operations in the business world.

Projects could be brought to a grinding halt if clients are losing interest in the project. They could decide to focus their effort elsewhere, especially on more pressing factors of their business. At specific times, this could be understandable, but it could be quite frustrating if the project drags on for too long because clients don’t seem to have any intention to resume the project in a hurry. As a result, subsequent payments can’t be delivered by clients, because we can’t achieve the next milestones. In this case, we need a sure-fire solution and try to be proactive by communicating with clients and getting on the phone.

In this case, we should make sure that we can assure clients to have the inclinations to complete the task. However, we shouldn’t pressure clients too much, because negative backlash could cancel the whole project entirely. In the end, we couldn’t do anything if clients want to stall or even cancel the project. In this case, we need a proper payment structure and we could actually be penalized for any delay in the project development. We clients decide to postpone the project, we should ask for estimation when the project could resume. We may also ask permission for performing new project with other clients.

We should be aware that there could be plenty of potential hold-ups and it is important to implement best practice. We may need to provide our professional recommendation and good web developers should know that customers are always right. In this case, we couldn’t really complain, except if they refuse to pay for job that we have completed.