The numbers of people choosing to work from home and create their own office space are growing year by year. While working from home does cut out commuter stress and wasted travel time, it can also be distracting, especially if you live with others. By following just a few of these handy tips you’ll find the secret to creating the perfect home office that allows you to work hard and in peace.

Location, Location, Location

Picking the best place to work is the trickiest part of working from home, so take your time making the decision. You don’t want to be anywhere that offers too many distractions, such as in the living room (with the TV) or in the kitchen where people are constantly coming and going. Utilise a spare room if you have one or make a corner space in your dining room – anywhere where you can work undisturbed. If you have the space and the luxury of a garden, it might be worth looking at converting your garden shed to guarantee yourself no distractions.


You don’t have to spend a fortune kitting out your new office; you’ll be surprised how many existing items you can re-purpose. As long as you have a clear space to work you can build up from there. Your new work stationary can be gathered from around the house and the family computer can be earmarked for your working hours with a separate secure password

Stationary can be found in most kitchen drawers and many families these days already have a computer. Simply set up a separate account for your work, add a password if you choose, and away you go.

Decorating Your Home Office

Go Green

An often over-looked essential of any office is a lovely green plant. Not only do they look good but plants are vital if you want to keep your office fresh and bright. Some plants are perfect for office spaces, such as ficus, palms and ferns, as they absorb pollutants in the air and produce oxygen. Place them near a window to give them the light and air flow that they need and they will only need to be watered every now and then.

Second Hand

Car boot sales, discount shops, factory seconds and freebies given away by family and friends can all contribute to your new office. Your desk doesn’t have to be top of the range and neither does your computer – as long as they do the job you need them to. The one thing you should spend a bit more time and money on is your chair. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in it and a poor condition chair that doesn’t offer any support will leave you stiff, uncomfortable and unable to work.

Colours and Lighting

If you can, redecorate your office space with more pleasing colours that will help you to concentrate. Light blue, off-white and light brown will give your office a relaxing, calming atmosphere and a few pictures here and there will perk it up. You should also get yourself a blind or shade that allows you to control how much light comes into the room. A Venetian blind will allow you to direct sunlight away from your computer screen, while Roman cut custom blinds will keep out harsh low sun that can come through your windows in the afternoon.