India is famous for handmade art and crafts. This is a country which has a rich cultural heritage and each and every state has a unique craft excellence of their own.

In fact, many fairs are arranged across the country where they bring their handmade gifts for sale and one can buy those exquisite pieces of arts to decorate their home or office. But there are several handmade crafts which are unique to a particular place. One should know about the origin of those crafts as well. This is because; having a good knowledge of Indian crafts will make them know better about the art. If they want, they can also visit those places and have a look on how these crafts are made and can have an interesting conversation with those brilliant craftsmen who make these lovely creations possible.

Here are some glimpses of the places where Indian handicrafts have taken their birth.

Saharanpur: If you are looking for the miniatures and crafts made from the skilled carvings of wood then Saharanpur is the right place for you. This is a place which is situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh and is famous for their wood carving industry. Here the wood carving skills have been generated from one generation to another and the entire family earns by making these handicrafts. They make those brilliant miniatures with the use of Saal, Dudhi, Teak, Ebony, and Mahogany. Idols are mostly made here with woods. Apart from that, other things that are made from woods here are animal figures, wooden blocks and toys for kids, flower vases, boxes, tables, trays and most important furniture like cupboards, beds and many more.

Orissa: This state is famous for its appliqué works. The embroideries are mainly done on the pieces of clothes like dress materials and bed covers or curtains. These are mainly cut patches which are designed on the top or side of the clothes. The fabrics which are used to make these appliqué works are bright so that it can give a vibrant look.  In Orissa, there is the Tavra district which is famous for making ashtrays, tiny bells and plates from old white metals. Then there is the town of Cuttack which is very famous for their silver handicrafts. Silver ornaments are very famous here as the designs are delicate and unique.

Assam: We all know that India is famous for its terracotta works. This is a particular kind of soil statue which has created a lot of buzz around the world since ages. Mostly found in Assam, this is also an art form prevalent in parts of Bengal. Here the soil is used as the main ingredient to prepare figurines and statues. But the uniqueness of it is the resemblance of the statues with the ancient Indian culture. Things that are mostly made from terra cotta are pots, dolls, artifacts, and toys.

India is a hub of handmade pieces. Handmade crafts online are also available and one can choose from the endless varieties available there.