Courier services have over the years continued to support both small and established business to reach their ever growing database of clients across the world. They have over the years supplied discounted branded courier services to thousands of business, online stores and also individuals across United Kingdom and the whole world. By simply leveraging their shipment couriepoint has been able to resell United Kingdom and international couriers at some of the most competitive prices in the market place.

Sending a parcel to Romania has become the simplest thing to do. With the kind of services we offer, your parcel will be in Romania even before you pick your phone to confirm if the intended recipient has received the parcel. In order to make the ordering process as painless as possible for you and also very convenient all the services are booked online. This enables us to be efficient as possible when taking your order. It also provides maximum security for your payments. The security ensured in this method helps may small scale business to actually pay for their services and can track their payments.

Courier services have actually adapted to all online methods of payments making the customers and businesses to pay at their most convenient method of payment. Sending a parcel to Romania has never been easier since you can just pay at any convenient sport. This has boosted the growth of many businesses that are scattered all over the country and globe since most of the online methods of payments are available in nearly every country. All the collection are booked through an automated system and as soon as your payment is received you can consider your parcel to Romania is halfway delivered.

There are some goods that are very risky to deliver and more especially to a country like Romania and that is why we have listed some goods as prohibited. The reason for giving the list of prohibited goods is for most of the business not to be liable if the parcel to Romania arrive while damaged. With this information of prohibited goods it gives any business ample to time to advertise other methods of delivery of the same goods and can also reach agreement with their clients if they still insist of sending it using the courier services.

Some of the are charged at a box rate up to a certain amount. For instance a box price from United Kingdom to other countries across Europe including Romania is up to 30kg.other services us ea volumetric formula using the length, height and weight of the box. Sending parcels to Romania has really boosted most of the Business. With the entry of Romania into the European Union has greatly boosted the courier delivery since Romania is seen by many countries as market with great potential for growth and most business involved in international shipping are investing in greatly boosting their presence in the country with the availability of new distribution hubs and depots