Moving is an overwhelming and compelling job at the same time. But, the time devoted to research and another aspect before finalizing a mover is worth it. You risk a lot of things while trusting a moving company for your moving job. Thus, making decision becomes tedious. And, to help you avoid committing mistakes and choose the right moving company, in this blog, we’re sharing certain things that you should deliberately ask your moving company before signing the proposal.

  1. How is the cost determined for different shipment articles?

There are different parameters that come into play when the moving companies calculate the cost of a shipment article. The parameters are-cubic meter space requiring relocation, the distance between the old and new venue, the amount of work and facilities required by the clients, and lastly, the kind of packaging. Also, the charges for the same work can vary depending on the popularity of your mover. International moving companies/global moving companies can charge you more and local will charge you less, to be obvious. But, don’t get fooled by thinking that international moving companies are a better choice, local moving companies have their own perks. And, depending on your needs, things can be very different than your thoughts, and local moving companies can turn out to be a more suitable prospect.

  1. What kind of packaging material do commercial movers use?

Different moving companies use different packaging materials depending on their charges. If someone is charging you less, it’s more than obvious that they’ll compromise somewhere, and it’s not always it terms of services. Moreover, moving companies might propose different material for different clients depending on their budget. So, check out with your mover if they use same packaging material for all clients or they have their own priorities. And, whether the material they’ll use is suitable for moving or not.

  1. How does a relocation of articles take place from source to destination?

How do they move the moveables from the source to their destination? Whether they use a big vehicle or small minivans for moving. Also, check with them whether they prefer moving using the road or by air when it comes to moving in between different states. Depending on the kind of move, it’s always to clarify with your mover to avoid future conflicts. Good movers always provide moving through air services in interstate moving.

  1. Does the company meet parameters set by the insurance companies?

Meeting the parameters set-up by the insurance companies for cases of damage while moving is an indispensable YES for your moving company. If your moving company doesn’t meet the parameters, you won’t get the claim for any damaged caused in the process of moving. And, planning to do the move with a mover who fails to qualify the insurance requirements is like driving a car without brakes. In the process of moving, calculating the odds, the chances are high that there will be some damage, whether you want it or not. Thus, check with your moving company and discuss this pre-moving.

  1. Will there be a supervisor for the move? If Yes, who will they be?

Every good moving company assigns a project manager for every moving job who guides everyone else in the process. A project manager is an expert in the domain, being your primary contact and source for every update regarding moving. And, they are crucial because they provide assurance that the work is performed under expert supervision. They ensure the quality is maintained and oversee every work.

  1. Do the mover provides re-installation services in case of furniture moving?

In case your mover is also moving your furniture, ask them if they provide re-installation services at the new venue. Most of the moving companies include this service in their proposal and it helps manage the cost.