Doors, other than enhancing the beauty of our homes, have some other major roles to play. The primary function of getting a door on the front of your house is security if you ask me. So, which is the right material for the door that you expect will ‘protect you’?

After analyzing the market trends, expert opinions, and user feedbacks we came to a conclusion: iron, the wrought iron (the purest of all commercially used metals which are made by adding certain filaments with it while it’s in molten form) was the first choice of the majority.

Iron is ‘the’ toughest of all it’s competitors, emerging as the best and the first choice as the suitable material for your strong doors. I presume that everyone knows that and read about why because it’s so obvious to miss out.

Now, even if you know that wrought iron is the top contender, there are certainly other things that you have to know. Like what are the major aspects that you should be considering while choosing the right wrought iron door for you?

So, we are here to tell you about the 3 things you should consider before you ask the door vendor to deliver the door to your home.

  1. Know the dimensions: I hope everyone knows what it means and I continue forward. So, it’s common sense that the rough opening frame has to be wider and taller than the size of your door, at least 2-4 inches more than the dimensions of the door. Most people commit this mistake and get out for buying the door without knowing the required dimensions of the door. To allow the room for proper adjustment and installations, it’s mandatory to ensure that you’ve done all the calculations right. Also, most of the doors come with the jamb included in the frame. Thus, it becomes very critical to know the right dimensions for your door according to the opening left in your house.
  1. Deciding the correct depth of your door jamb: Door jamb, also referred to as the frame is what gets hung into the rough openings left for the door to fit and secures a strong bond between the door & house. Now, out of the two things that comprise a frame: the door and the jamb, the door is the heavier ones. And, the jamb holds the door and the entire weight with the support of only two hinges. Therefore, the depth of the jamb which is directly proportional to the thickness of the wall of your door has to be decided correctly. The jamb is the first half of the frame that would be fitted on your wall and if the wall is not thick enough to hold the jamb, your entire money and efforts will go to waste. Thus, consult a door specialist to share the right depth of your door jamb.
  1. Choose the right shape: Depending on the shape of your door, your door will either be strong or weak. Out of three shapes that are commonly available, you to choose the right one to ensure that your door remains strong. Also, the shape of your door should not exceed the length of your wall opening.