The realtor brings the client to the property that meets all the requirements on paper. What happens when they pull into to driveway? The judging begins with the exterior façade. Does it look inviting? Is the landscaping clean and neat? Are there immediately visible maintenance issues? The prospects may not even know that they are checking off a list, but you can bet that they are. Whether you are selling or not, you need to know the top items for exterior remodeling that are likely on their checklist.

1. The front door

front door

This is at the top of everyone’s list and has the best return on investment. If your front door is appropriate and in good shape, then make sure that the paint is fresh. Consider changing the color to contrast the rest of your home for a welcoming effect. If your front door is marginal, take the opportunity to update to a style that compliments the architecture of your home. Natural light is also a very important factor. Be sure to choose a door with more glass when your entryway is dark.

2. Address maintenance
When a gutter is falling off or the ding in the garage door is the first thing that you see from the street, it should also be the first thing that is fixed. Take a long look from the street and note any items that could be a deterrent. Any peeling paint should be retouched and pressure wash the stained concrete for a fresh clean look.

3. Landscape smart
Green is said to be the most comforting color to the eyes. Adapt that to your front landscape. Brown patches of grass, a dying shrub, and hanging tree limb will negate anything attractive about your home’s appearance. If your thumb isn’t green, ask questions before purchasing. Landscape advice is often readily available at most nurseries. Consider trimming back overgrown shrubs, and framing out the entry with your plan. These things all create that subconscious welcoming effect that you want the homebuyer to feel. Simple and symmetry are two words to remember here.

4. Replace that mailbox
If your stately brick Georgian has a rusted box at the end of the drive that is leaning into the road, it will immediately signify that other maintenance issues may not have been addressed in the home. Mailboxes vary greatly in price, but a fresh clean upright box can be installed by the homeowner at a relatively low cost.

5. Larger projects
If your home is need of a new roof, or the front porch is crumbling off, it goes without saying that these exterior remodeling projects are an absolute necessity. Don’t be discouraged about the cost if it’s over your perceived budget. Consider a home improvement loan. With companies like Prospect Mortgage and others specializing in these type loans, lenders understand that maintenance can’t always wait for savings to catch up. Furthermore, procrastinating that leaky roof could cost you far more in damage than the price of some shingles.