As a healing practice, the concept of colour therapy is centuries old. Chromo therapy or Colour therapy is the popular complementary medicine method of utilising the power of lights in the form of colour for relaxing and reviving the human body. The soothing and therapeutic benefits of chromo therapy have been proven effective time and time again. When energy levels on different parts of our body are not in accordance with the vibrations with the respective organs, it leads to emotional disturbances and illness. And now, when the world is going all health-conscious it’s high time that you too buckle up towards it. A simple step to commence would be to convert your bathroom into a zone of eternal oasis of calmness, and soothing haven, simply by installing bath furniture that offers you colour therapy while enjoying a relaxing shower.

Colour Therapy In Your Bathroom

Significance of colours used in chromo therapy

In colour therapy, every colour performs a specific function with a particular vibration and frequency and has a different effect on various parts of our body, thereby bringing back the harmonious balance in our emotional and physical systems. For instance, along with energising and stimulating the body, the colour red also regulates the pulse rate and body temperature. While green is closely associated with the gastric system ad helps fight depression, the colour blue is influential in reducing blood pressure and possesses anti-inflammatory properties. The chemical serotonin plays a major role in regulating the sleep patterns and the colour white stimulates its production in the body. For aiding the digestion process and cleansing the blood, yellow is highly recommended in colour therapy. More than just being physically therapeutic, these colours also make up for up for our psychological wellness.

Colour therapy and water

When the principles of colour therapy are applied in the bathroom, the results can be truly amazing. Modern taps now combine the efficiency of smooth water flow with the power of colour therapy. Water flowing out from these taps creates a waterfall like flow and generates aqua energy which allows the light to change colours. This fabulous therapy is not limited to taps alone. LED shower heads are now equipped with special sensors to generate electricity when water passes through them. This activates the LED’s, and for every temperature band, the lights change their respective colours, rendering a truly refreshing feeling, while you enjoy you pleasant showers. You can also consider square shower heads which come with a programmable keypad, where you can choose the colour for your shower. The colour therapy exercises are not restricted to water alone; LED mirrors with a magnificent curve effect also play a role in combining the benefits of colour therapy and give you a relaxing feeling. When classic white LED lights curve into the distance, they create a stunning 3D optical illusion, while consuming minimum energy, ensuring low electricity bills.

Coloured light based aqua wellness systems

Along with enjoying the benefits of colour therapy in your tap and shower head, you can also opt for a full- fledged wellness system which combines the advantages of chromo therapy with a complete Jacuzzi style bathing experience. Along with a number of multi-dimensional jets for a relaxing water massage with an option of multiple flow settings, the system also boasts assorted LED lights which can be programmed to throw one colour, or run a specified preferable pattern. You will surely agree that complementary healing therapy was never this refreshing.

Get going and try these tips in your bathroom, as well. Make health and wellness a part of your everyday regimen, and relish the joy at your leisure. Healing and soothing, that’s what we call our perfect “me time”!

Author Bio : Jabeen is a blogger and writes for Tivolis Design. Apart from writing she likes to read books and research on home improvement techniques.