Although there is alot of stress and hassles when it comes to moving, there’s one great thing about it. It gives you the chance to start fresh. Fresh and clean paint, possibly: freshly stored, organized and sorted possessions; and fresh floors, windows, cabinets and walls. Even the atmosphere looks great without the debris and dust of your regular life. However, that clean feeling does not just happen: particularly if you’re transfering to a newly constructed house, you will have to clean it ahead of the moving truck arriving.  There are some good tips mentioned below on how to paint or clean your new home before moving.


Take to your new home by surveying it first. Plan what you will do with the space. Walls, floors, cabinets, counters and windows must be cleaned and painted prior to your belongings arriving, since it is much more simple to clean and paint an unfilled space. Well, cleaning with powerful chemicals must be done at least a week before your moving date. Repair work can be done after a few days.

Ensure all finishing jobs are done in advance before your moving date. For instance, the paint job in every room must be totally dry. Recently finished tile floors and sealed wood require time to dry as well. Roll vinyl and carpeting might discharge horrible odors after set-up, which’ll disperse within days or weeks. Your recently remodeled or constructed house will have a massive amount of construction debris within the daunting atmosphere.

The debris will require a long time to settle down, so do not be astonished if you have wiped out a surface one day and find it out to be dusty once again. Just keep it clean with electronic dry mops or damp mops for the floor, pursued by vacuuming every day.For an apartment or home where there was a previous tenant: keep your fingers crossed that the earlier owner, landlord or tenant took care of the essential cleaning. In several cases, you could insist over it, along with new coat of paint, prior to moving in.

In previously occupied homes the major cleaning job is stain and dirt removal, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Look out for particular spots where you may change carpeting in high traffic areas. It’s important to always be vacuuming or wiping down cabinets and closet shelves and corners; polishing, disinfecting and cleaning countertops.

Apart from paint and cleaning you also need to check out for rodent or insects. You can get a pest control spray to get rid of such a problem.


However, the ultimate solution before moving to another home is to hire a professional. Professional cleaning and paint service can do the job more accurately than you, the non-professional. Painting is definitely the main part of a beautiful home as well so it should be done by a professional painter rather than doing it yourself. So, hire a professional service now!

The advantage of moving companies is the loading and unloading phase, because they already have the truck. If you are working by yourself then you have a lot to do. Basically, you have to find the right vehicle to rent and then find some helping hand to help you load the stuff and then unload it. In homes there is a lot of stuff that you cannot load by yourself. The first and the biggest advantage of hiring a company is that your work load is immensely reduced and you can focus on painting.

Article by Isaac Atia, Head SEO Consultant at Premier Movers, a full service moving company based in North New Jersey. Premier is also known as extremely reputable NJ Movers and relocate hundreds of people every year.