If you’ve decided to steer off the broad and unhealthy road of fast foods and artificial varieties for the narrow path of nutritious vegetables then good for you! You couldn’t have made a better choice as far as good health is concerned. However, not all vegetables are great for you with store-bought alternatives not quite matching up to the many benefits their homegrown counterparts which form the subject of this discussion. We’ll be taking a look at 5 excellent reasons why homegrown vegetables are the better option.


1) Homegrown is your best shot at uncontaminated foods

When you grow what you eat you can decide what your plants eat and hence do away with fungicides and pesticides that only make for food to please the eye but not very beneficial to your wellbeing. With store-bought varieties though, you don’t know what goes into the diets of your dinner which most the time encompasses a whole lot of contaminants brimming with carcinogens obtained from handling and processing procedures.

2) Your wallet will be heavier


With less money going out of your wallet when you grow your vegetables as opposed to buying from grocery stores, your food budget will also drastically decrease in size. The price tags you see on shelves is usually inflated by complimentary costs such as packing that go into realizing the final product from harvesting. By getting around these loopholes, you’ll pay much less.

3) Exercise is part of the bonus package


You’ll also be able to hit two birds with one stone as you get your share of healthy greens as well as an inadvertent regime of light to medium exercises to keep the blood flowing and the diseases away. If you’ve been meaning to hit the gym and constantly procrastinate, a vegetable garden can keep you in check with a plethora of workouts from planting all the way through to harvesting. It shouldn’t replace your fitness routine entirely if you have one, rather it should complement it.

4) Unrivaled taste and quality

From your garden straight to your plate; this approach ensures your vegetables are fresh and exactly as they were intended to be enjoyed. The same cannot be said for processed vegetables languishing on store counters as their quality and flavor are usually compromised by artificial additives that depreciate the nutritional value of the meal.

5) Reduced trips to the grocery store


There’s nothing worse than reaching home at the end of a hard day at work only to realize you forgot to buy the vegetables you aimed to make dinner with hence have to make do with not-so-healthy alternatives of fast foods. You’ll never find yourself in such a predicament if your vegetables are right in your backyard and instead of walking a couple of blocks to get the ingredients you need for a well-balanced meal, you’ll only have to make a short dash around the back.

A vegetable garden is often wrongly painted out as a cumbersome and grueling affair however it is quite easy to set up and manage. If you are fairly inexperienced, consider farming in a greenhouse as it holds many advantages especially for vegetables.