With the increase in the use and reliance on technology there has become an ever increasing need for large storage facilities.  As files become larger it is very easy to fill your hard drive and run out of space.  There is also an effect on the speed of your system as more of the processors become bogged down with the size of the files stored within your system.

The answer to this issue has been found in the cloud.  It is now possible to store almost limitless amounts of information in the virtual world.  You no longer need to worry regarding running out of space; it can even double as a rescue plan should anything happen to your physical premises, you will still be able to access all your data and records.  Egenera are one firm which provides a good range of cloud management options.

In order to access the cloud you will need to sign up with a cloud provider and use cloud management software.  There are various different types depending on the size of your business and what you need to store.  The most basic option is to access storage on the cloud through a Google account or similar. Other options you may wish to consider are:

The Managed Private Cloud

Either your IT department can be responsible for managing the cloud or the software provider can do it through their own cloud management software.  This option will allow you access to your own private cloud which can be organized however you like and accessed only by those who have been approved by you.

Wholesale Managed Dedicated Computer Cloud

This cloud is again restricted to just you, however, the intention of this option is that you will sell space and availability of this section of the cloud to others.  As a private wholesale cloud it will provide your users with a secure and very reliable means to store and access their delicate data.

The Wholesale Managed Public Cloud

This is another way to utilize the power of the internet.  Simply sign up with the wholesale provider and you will gain access to the cloud through their dedicated platform.  The cloud is shared with others although, again, your data is securely protected and accessible only to those who you choose.

All of the above options need to be accessed via a cloud management software package, this is simply the software or website which allows you to control how your files are saved, where and who can access them.

There are other options available which can also be controlled from the cloud management software; these include a disaster recovery option; also described as business continuity.  The data you have stored on the cloud is added to a special backup section to ensure it is available even if there is a catastrophic failure of the cloud; your data will be safe and can help you to restart you business quickly and effectively.  It is even possible to start using the cloud via automated software!