Being a road warrior with a daunting office routine is not easy. Managing daily work activities such as collaboration with overseas co-workers, tracking clients and processing project details present a lot of challenges. However, with the help of two cloud collaboration tools, SharePoint Online and you can stay on top of your work.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is not only a great tool for small to mid-sized businesses, but also works well for large organizations. You may think to require an additional solution for storing large enterprise data, however with SharePoint Online, you do not have to maintain the system whether you are serving 500 or 50,000 users.

In fact, it is more about managing user licenses instead of scalability and Microsoft takes it on itself. Key benefits to using SharePoint Online for small and large organizations are as follow:

Helps to Outsource Everyday Tasks

SharePoint Online aids in recovering and creating backup of everyday tasks. This reduces dependency on the third party solutions for such tasks in addition to auditing server and tracking performance. After signing up for the SLA (Service-level agreement), Microsoft will handle these issues on your behalf. This gives a lot of flexibility to managers compared to the on-premises solutions.

Upgrades on its Own

Instead of worrying about the software updates, SharePoint Online handles the updates and software tweaks as scheduled by Microsoft. This allows an organization to focus on work instead of getting around the new SharePoint features during the busiest hours. You can also delay or schedule a few platform improvements for Microsoft.

Mobile Access with Complete Security

It also provides you an option to keep your information behind VPN. As a user, you can configure a few changes to make sure all the files are shared and accessed only over the company’s network. This ensures security and mobility for all users without relying on setting up additional security software.

Provides Hybrid Development Environment

Some organizations use a hybrid cloud environment to keep highly confidential files on-premises while moving everyday collaboration files to the cloud. SharePoint online gives you access to store ad share personal and network files through cloud platform using One Drive and employ the enterprise version for on-premises data storage.

You are in complete control of your hybrid environment whether you want to stick with OneDrive cloud or on-premises environment.

Cost Effective

Large organizations are always searching for cloud collaborative solutions which could boost work performance at the lowest possible costs. License based SharePoint Online is an excellent inexpensive tool for all such organizations.

Cloud Desktop

Businesses are increasingly shifting their applications from physical to virtual environments. A survey by the Tech Target IT Priorities, total cost spent on cloud computing ranks third behind the usual hardware and software expenses. This means that setting up a virtual cloud desktop can become extremely beneficial to the cause of organizations looking to move their data virtually. A few benefits of cloud desktop are as follow:

Saves Money

Cloud Desktop environments let businesses enjoy centralized virtual desktops, without spending money on any physical computing infrastructure. All they need to do is pay for the cloud services and that’s it.

Offers Flexibility

Cloud Desktop environment allows team members to collaborate and communicate with absolute ease regardless of their location and time zones. They only need an active connection to the internet to access the virtual workspace.


Instead of worrying about the increasing hardware and software costs, cloud helps businesses to expand with an absolute ease from a few dozen to thousands of desktop profiles. You can set up new desktops for new team members in a few hours compared to a physical set that that can take up to a few weeks.

Secure and Simple

Cloud Desktop ensures data security by keeping it on secure servers in a data center. The user experience of a cloud desktop is similar to a physical computer. If your team has no problems working on business applications such as Microsoft Word, they will have no issues in using the same apps in the cloud environment.

So set up cloud desktop by at and avail all the above mentioned benefits for your organization.