With growth in technology and ease provided by it, regular face to face meetings is being replaced with online conference call service due to its time saving and cost saving features which do not require participants of the meeting travel large distances, especially when geographic locations are large.

Free online meeting conference call are suitable when and effective when a large number of persons need to be addressed at the same time, such as employees within an organisation, remotely located teams, communication with far located branch offices and subsidiaries, communicating with various clients/vendors/stakeholders whose locations are spread across the globe. Online conference call service allow users to break a barrier of difference in geographical locations and time zones without spending much time and money.

Making android conference call is a pretty easy task where users need to follow some simple steps. Users just need to launch their phones Android default phone application. Enter the phone number they wish to call, once the person answers, put the call on hold and make another call. When the other person answers the call, user can merge the calls. This process is to be repeated till all participants have joined the call.

Similarly, ezTalks Meetings, considered one of the best online conference call service can also be used to make conference calls. All users need to do is download the ezTalks Meeting application from Google Play Store, install and launch the application, sign into ezTalks Meetings, host a conference call by clicking on host a meeting and sending invitations to participants by sharing the room ID with them or sending them an invitation link on their email addresses and using this link, they can also download the ezTalks Meetings application on join you in the android conference call.

Apart from the above two methods mentioned, there are several applications available on the Google Play store which can be used to host free conference call service. Find below list of some of the popular applications used for making conference call android.

  1. Skype
  2. Google+ Hangouts
  3. ClickMeetings
  4. Intercall
  5. FreeBridge
  6. Paltalk
  7. OpenVoice
  8. SendHub

With such a wide array of available platforms, users can choose any online conference call service by checking features of the mentioned android conference call applications and selecting the Android conference call service which best suits their requirement, budgets, available hardware compatibility and available internet connectivity speeds.