The news is in – you are pregnant! There is lots of excitement in your home, family and friends will come over to greet you and offer their best wishes. With all of that going on, it is easy to forget that with the ‘pregnant’ status come a lot of responsibilities and new things to consider for you and your child’s health. Really, there are tons of things you need to educate on and get used to. Right now we will focus on cleaning.

Cleaning is very important. It ensures that the rooms of your house are sanitized and that the air is clean and fresh. This is especially important during pregnancy, as health must be maintained throughout the entire 9-month period. This means that this chore is still part of your duties, given that your partner in life might be busy with his work and doesn’t have the time to do it alone. When it comes to effective deep throughout cleaning during pregnancy, there are several very important things to consider.

Cleaning and Pregnancy

– Take it easy – yes, you must maintain your rooms clean, especially those that you visit every day, but you must be careful not to overwork yourself. It is understandable if you are bored and want to dance around with all the cleaning solutions in hand, vacuuming and dusting the surfaces of the entire house, but you must take it easy. Take regular breaks, and never try to lift heavy furniture to clean under it.

– Use protection – gloves, in particular, when it comes to cleaning with detergents. Your skin will be much more sensitive during pregnancy, which is a reason why any detergents, dyes, chlorine, etc. will cause irritations, itches and inflammation. Make sure you have your gloves on every time you clean to protect your hands and arms.

– Read the labels – in case you didn’t before, you must definitely pay more attention to labels now. Words like ‘poison’, ‘toxic’, ‘corrosive’ and more of the same scary stuff should be avoided. Your immune system is weakened and anything that puts you in danger should be skipped, handed to someone else and never touched again.

– Make your own natural cleaning solutions – now would be a good time to turn to natural cleaners, such as vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, essential oils and more, all of which are harmless, and can actually perform no worse than any product you get from the store. Such cleaners are easy to mix, use and will even save you money.

– Ventilate the rooms – always open the windows and let air circulate in the room you clean. This will improve the air quality during cleaning, removing any toxic vapors.

Make your cleaning routine a little less stressful, but just as effective, by following the above recommendations. Never try to tackle a job if you are not feeling well, and always consider your health before starting anything.