Hardwood is the favourite of many homeowner and maintaining it usually takes very little effort. We can refinish hardwood many times, unlike engineered or laminated wood. Hardwood can add years of warmth and beauty to our home, while increasing its value. We should have continuous floor care schedule to keep the hardwood looks at its best.
Dirt and grit is the bane of any hardwood flooring.

Dirt could eventually cause fine scratch and the floor could eventually become less shiny. Dust is more visible on hardwood that on carpet, especially when the interior receives sunlight exposure. Hardwood floor care usually involves regular dusting and sweeping. Whatever cleaning product we use, it should be designed specifically for hardwood. It is preferable to vacuum the dust, because small particles could go between the boards. However, we should use proper attachments that won’t scratch the wood.

How To Repair Hardwood Flooring

In some cases, in-depth cleaning tasks are required and we should appropriate cleaning methods. Hardwood with glossy finish could require water-based urethane or polyurethane to clean. These products could form specific protective barrier over the wood. Hardwood with matte finish shouldn’t be cleaned with cleaning products. We shouldn’t use standard household cleaners and ammonia on hardwood.

Never wash the hardwood excessively, because the dampness can penetrate the wood and it is a better idea to choose a somewhat damp mop.

In many cases, our waxed and oil hardwood floors could suffer some amount of surface damage. Before dealing with this damage, we may need to remove the finish with oil or wax stripper. Hardwood protected by polyurethane layer could be more durable and damage may not be as obvious.

When repairing water marks, we should first remove the protective finish and thoroughly rub the stain with fine-grade steel wool. Clean and repeat if necessary. After the stain disappears, we can then refinish it. We need to lightly sand the burn mark and pick up the grit with a damp cloth; then it is necessary to refinish the surface as desired. We can use matching putty stuck or wood putty to conceal shallow scratches.

After the area is dry, we can refinish and sand it. If our hardwood floors are simply shabby, the best improvement we can do is simply to refinish the surface. We can make any needed repairs and then remove all the drapes and furniture. It is also necessary to seal the vents to avoid spreading the dust when we sand the floor. Drum sanders and edging machines are needed when we sand the floors.

We should vacuum the hardwood floor carefully after sanding it. Make sure we pick up any fine dust and grit. When refinishing the wood, we could use products that match the natural colors of the wood, such as cherry, maple or oak. Then, it is necessary to apply a sealer, such as water-based urethane or polyurethane. These products should penetrate the hardwood and provide protection from within. Regardless of what product we use, we should read the accompanying labels and follow their safety advice.

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