Obesity is a silent killer and in modern day one out of two people are victims of this disease. You can try alternate forms of medicines but if they fail in to provide with the desired results then a surgery would work out to be the best option. It is suggested that you avail the services of top bariatric surgeons in India who have a track record of being part of successful surgeries.

The various types of obesity surgery

  • Restrictive– Hereby a reduction of the stomach volume is anticipated. It has to be stated that this procedure is not recommended due to the high level of side effects associated with the same. Because of smaller stomach less food is being consumed. So the net result is less calorie intake with weight being lost. The procedures include gastric balloon along with gastric band
  • Malabsorptive– Here in this procedure the absorption of food is greatly being affected. With food being digestive it does pass through the food pipe and it tends to be broken by the stomach acids. Once it leaves the stomach and makes an entry into the top portion of the small intestine it gets in touch with the digestive juice from the pancreas. It would mean that a further break down of food is being noticed whereby nutrients or minerals are being absorbed. With this procedure the absorption of food is vastly reduced. With food being not absorbed in a proper manner, it points to the fact that important nutrients are lost in the process. The net result would point out to some mineral or vitamin deficiencies. To overcome the shortcomings you will be provided with supplements.
  • Combination– this process is a combination of the above two methods of treatment. When it is the restrictive one, it would mean a physical reduction of your stomach and this points to the fact that smaller meal intakes are to be adopted. The malabsorptive would mean rerouting of the small intestine.

The preparation phase of a weight loss surgery

The best course of preparation would include considering the pros along with cons associated with this surgery. You would need to prepare yourself at a mental level with regards to the surgery.

  • You would need to understand more about the surgery and after are the after effects of it
  • Get the opinion of people who have been part of a weight loss surgery earlier
  • Get in touch with the surgeon and find out any unanswered queries. You need to figure out what are the reasons which might you opt for the surgery and how you plan to maintain your weight once the surgery is over
  • Record a journal about your experience. Keep a track record of the obstacles you are likely to face after surgery and how you are planning to overcome them.
  • Getting enough support from your family. It does showcase the fact that your family is beside you during this critical phase.

In order to prepare physically do adhere to the guidelines of the doctor.