In the present modern times – it is very important that both parents work in order to make their ends meet. While they are at work, they need to take care of their children. The best place to leave their child is the day care centre. In many cases the parents have either their family or friends who can take care of the child. But there are many couples who do not have this luck; hence they opt for a day care centre. Though the requirement of the day care centre comes at a later stage, one should start finding them at very early stages.

A child care centre is a place where you leave your child for almost 8-10 hours in a day. This is the most precious time of the child. But since both working parents do not have a choice, they have to leave their child at the day care centre. There are many good day care centers in Mumbai; but you need to ensure that the place is safe and secure for your child. The parents have to decide what type of day care facility they want. It is not necessary that all famous day care centres would be excellent in working. Here are some tips to ensure you get the best day care facilities for your child.

Choosing The Right Day Care Centres In Mumbai

Checking the place

The first thing you should do in order to ensure that you are choosing the best day care centres in mumbai; you need to go the day care centre personally. There you should ideally spend a day and check how the staff behaves with the children. In an ideal situation, the caretaker would be on the floor rather with the kids making merry with them; to be precise playing with them. The smaller kids are generally in their laps and very small babies would be in the cradles. They should be warm and responsive, and most important the place should be clean. The day care centre should not be a breeding place for infections. While you check place – check for the kitchen especially this is the place where the food for the child is being prepared. The diaper changing areas and also the washing areas and toilets are cleaned frequently.


You need to check for the commitment of the centres. Since you will be working, you need to ensure the place for the child is safe at any point of time. There are parents who wish to have a nanny at their homes; in such cases, you need to take a proper commitment from them. Besides this looking at the present situation you should check their credentials; lodge their details with the police to be on a safer side.

Doing a policy check

There are various policies and checks that have to be followed by the day care centres. Take a list of these policies and check whether the one you have chosen follows them or not. Do the nanny or the care takers should at the babies; do they keep on scolding them. Is the television on the entire day or do they ensure that it is on sparingly while the babies are asleep? This essentially means that the care taker ensures the children get proper sleep and entertainment, and not that they are disturbed.

In a nutshell, when you are choosing the day care centres, you need to ensure that your child will remain safe and healthy while you are working away at office.