One of the most iconic events in Solo City that you should visit is SIPA (Solo International Performing Arts) to make a wonderful holiday. It is an event of art performing from all over the world held by young people of Solo. It is a spectacular show that you should watch when you visit Solo city. You can enjoy all of the arts performing from other countries not only from Indonesia.

I can assure you that SIPA is one of the best wonderful holiday destination in Solo you should visit because there will be so many beautiful arts performing from other countries that you can enjoy. It is usually held in BentengVastenbourghso you can imagine how your night will be the best night ever.

Then the next thing is, of course, visiting palaces in Solo. Yes, it is true that Solo has two traditional palaces even though both of them are not running the government now but you still can enjoy the beautiful heritage of Kasunananpalace and Mangkunegaranpalace.

Why taking Solo City as a wonderful holiday destination

Foods, drinks, beautiful places could be the main reasons why you should visit Solo city, however, maybe some of you still question why I should go there? I mean let’s say all the places in the worlds have so many wonderful holiday destinations to visit for but why do I have to choose Solo City? Well, Solo City is the traditional city live in a modern way.

I can explain to you that Solo city has its own charming. This city is becoming the beautiful city because of the friendly people and how you can feel the homey nuance in this city. Even though you didn’t know the man sitting beside you, in this city you can talk to anybody and feel how you and they know each other.

If you lost in somewhere you don’t know all you have to do is just ask and they will reply you nicely even some of them willing to take you to your destiny. I think this kind of atmosphere is a perfect atmosphere you should take whenever you go someplace new.

The politeness and also the family bound are strongly kept in this city. People help each other is kind of a routine in this city. And do you know that Solo city is a perfect city with the cheap price of accommodation? You can definitely use the general transportation with the cheap price and with the comfortable facilities. Batik Solo Trans (BST) could be your smart choice to have a tour in Solo city with the comfortable facility that they offer.

Cheap drinks, foods, clothes and even ticketing are other main reasons you should choose this city to be your tour destiny. For some people, maybe they feel worry about their money when they decide to go someplace new but you don’t need to feel that way when you decide to go to Solo. Even you only have IDR 50,000 you can definitely have fun in the Solo city since the sun comes up until midnight.

So, if you are looking for a traditional city with the modern way of living, Solo city could be your perfect tour destiny.