Often fueled by a passion for freedom, many bikers live by a creed that is similar to an artist’s. That having been said, there are many issues which riding a motorcycle present that are unique to this method of transportation that is often more of a lifestyle than anything else.

How The Law Plays Into Your Motorcycle Lifestyle


Due to safety concerns, quite a few states impose helmet laws for both motorcycle drivers and bicycle riders. These laws are in place due to the severity of a motorcycle accident on the open road. The ripple effects of a motorcyclist being involved in an accident with a car or truck can also be devastating to their family.

As expressed by a group of Charlotte motorcycle accident attorneys, “Every time a motorcycle rider is killed or injured, the victim or his or her family suffers financial and non-economic losses.”

Below are some factors to consider concerning wearing a helmet while driving a motorcycle.

Pros Of Helmet Laws:

1. The reduction of impact that a helmet provides can save lives and protects less skilled riders.

2. The barrier of the helmet protects riders from rocks, insects and other debris, as well as providing wind and hearing protection.

3. Helmets can lessen the chance of severe injury due to any form of low or high speed accident.

4. Less impact during an accident means less stress and trauma for everyone concerned. For instance, when motorcycle riders are killed, drivers could be responsible for a death that may have been avoided.

5. Severe accidents cause traffic jams when people die in crashes that involve a motorcyclist who did not wear a helmet. This also prompts a costly investigation that the city must pay for.

6. Helmet laws may help to keep insurance rates lower.

Cons Of Helmet Laws:

1. Imposing a helmet law violates federal civil rights. Helmet laws are tantamount to unfair government meddling that could lead to further personal interference. Therefore, it should be a personal choice.

2. People in convertible cars are not mandated to wear helmets, so why mandate motor cycle riders.

3. Helmets can cause physical discomfort like an overheated head which is an unsafe driver distraction.

4. Helmets can reduce the range of vision and block hearing which causes driving impairment.

Irresponsible Motorcyclists

On many roads such as congested highways, motorcyclists can tend to drive in between rows of traffic. This can pose a distraction for other drivers who are not prepared to see a motorcycle right near their car in between them and the next vehicle. Not only is this dangerous, but it is reckless. Even if traffic is stopped, motorcycle riders need to exercise a great deal of caution as they navigate between the cars.

Some motorcyclists take off from the side of the road without properly ensuring that there is no oncoming traffic. Thus, unnecessary collisions may occur.

Road Safety Tips

Every motorcycle rider, just as other drivers, has a responsibility to carry themselves with integrity on the road. To that end, below are some safety tips for motorcycle riders to consider:

  • Take a motorcycle safety course or read books to learn about counter balancing, steering, emergency breaking, swerving and proper turning. These are the best ways to learn how to safely drive a motorcycle.
  • Get used to the helmet in a deserted area prior to wearing it. Ensure that you can hear properly and wear appropriate clothing that protects the body.
  • Practice emergency maneuvers and turns in a deserted area.

Finally, use common sense while driving a motorcycle. Don’t take chances or drive recklessly under any circumstances. It goes without saying that no rider should be engaged in anything that distracts them from driving, such as alcohol or drug consumption or texting.

Nadine Swayne submits this article of tips to motorcyclists, old and new. A firm of Charlotte motorcycle accident attorneys, with over 35 years of combined experience, can represent you if you have been involved in a motorcycle crash, assisting you in every stage of your accident claim.

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