Physical beauty, in today’s world, matters more than anything. Skin care and beauty industry are growing into one of the largest business. Similarly, hair removal treatments clinics are also gaining the attention because everyone wants a flawless hair-free skin. Thus, the popularity of laser hair removal treatments is quite obvious.

However, there are certain things you should know about hair removal treatments before you fix the appointment.

Here, we’re sharing the four such things that are for you to know

  1. Laser hair removal is not painful

Usually, people have this wrong impression in mind about laser hair removal treatment that it’s very painful. No, it’s not, the statement is partially wrong. Laser removal treatment isn’t a pain-free process but the pain is extremely less compared to the other common process of hair removals like wax and hair removal cream.

I was reading the reviews of people who went through this process and they came aboard to express their views about their experience. Except a few were unhappy due to various reasons, the rest of the users which comprise of almost 80% of the users claimed it to be better than wax removal. They were really happy that their misconception about laser removal treatment, that it’s painful was wrong. According to them, it felt exactly like when someone hits you with a rubber band, and the sensation was only for few milliseconds.

  1. Shave the area of your skin before undergoing treatment

Laser hair removal treatment is effective only when the laser is focused on a shaved area. Don’t commit a mistake by waxing because it might pull out the root of the hair that laser is going to target. If you already committed the mistake, cancel your plans for laser treatment because it’s just a waste of money if you don’t have hair roots to treat. The right thing to do is two or three days before you visit your laser treatment expert, shave the area which is going to be treated. The laser works better on a low hairy area which is possible if you have shaved the area a day or two before the laser surgery.

  1. Avoid tanning beds

Tanning has its own risks and everyone knows about it. But when you are planning for surgery, the risk multiplies to double. The laser used in treatment can react with the skin color and cause discoloration if the skin isn’t in its natural color. Thus, if you know that you might need laser treatment in the coming few days, start avoiding tanning beds. Or else, you know the worst thing that can happen to you.

  1. Be consistent for better and prominent results

Like any other treatment, laser hair removal treatment can produce result just after the first session. It takes time and you have to be consistent. Expecting to get a permanent hair-free skin just after first is going to lead you to disappointments. So, keep yourself “baby it takes time” if you’re an impatient person who doesn’t know the meaning of ‘wait’. Also, don’t avoid further treatment sessions if you want a permanent hair-free skin.