Selling your loved car can be a big challenge. The initial depreciation on used vehicles can be huge, and that remains the major concern for most sellers. Even a year-old vehicle can sell for a much lower price. In this post, we have a few suggestions for selling your vehicle for the right price.


  1. Find a dealer. It is possible to sell used cars in Bangalore online via online dealers. Dealers are like brokers, who help in understanding the real value of the vehicle, besides finding a buyer. Of course, you need to do your research while choosing a dealer. Check online to read reviews before you take a call.
  2. Understand the expected price. As a seller, you would want nothing but the best price for your car, but it largely depends on the current market value. Keep in mind that the actual price of the model may have nothing to do with the estimated price, which is decided on many factors. Keep the amount flexible, because buyers will negotiate for used vehicles.
  3. Get everything ready. You need to keep all papers and documents handy for selling the car. This includes the insurance, details of previous ownership (if any) and other details. Also, it is a good idea to do the small repairs, so that you can get a better price. Dealers can help with the evaluation of the vehicle, which is great for car owners.

Finally, take pictures of the car before you take it for evaluation. This is important for the negotiation process and will help in uploading ads on other sites. Ideally, it’s wise to stick to one dealer or service that can manage the deal without charging a big commission. With online services, it is easy to understand their market value and overall assistance offered.