Motherhood is the biggest gift that a woman can get in her life. It completes her life and marks the beginning of a beautiful new journey. The joy of holding the tiny hands and feet in your arms is immense. As soon as the two lines show up in the pregnancy test, many women experience mixed feeling. Although there is joy, there is also a lot of anxiety and fear that comes along with it. Many times, a lot of myths are also told to the women by her near and dear ones to make matters worse. Hormonal changes coupled with changes in the body bring about confusion in the mind of the woman.

This is the time when a very supportive doctor can help the lady sail through the pregnancy with ease. Today, many gynaecologists offer suitable advice during regular hospitals visits and offline, over the phone, to expectant mothers to clear their doubts. Let us look at some of the very common myths associated with pregnancy.

  • Vomiting and nausea during the initial months of pregnancy cannot be cured: Many women forgo eating healthy food due to the nausea and suffer from poor health during the first few months of pregnancy. They do not bring it up with their doctor assuming that there is no medicine available for it. In reality, based on the severity of the situation, doctors prescribe tablets to control the vomiting sensation. This greatly improves the mother’s quality of life and ensures adequate intake of nutrients
  • Repeated scans are harmful: A good gynaecologist always prescribes the scans on a need basis and it is important to trust the doctor in his/her judgement. Many rare genetic diseases and abnormalities can be spotted earlier if scans are taken at the appropriate time. Moreover, regular scans help in diagnosing ectopic pregnancies or any other growth deformities. Since the technology is based on ultrasound waves, they are harmless and safe for the foetus.
  • Pregnant women should not exercise: This is a wrong notion that many expectant mothers have. Exercise helps them stay fit, active and also help them strengthen their hip muscles and prepare them for delivery. However, it is important to learn the correct exercises from the doctor or a trainer before starting it.
  • C-section damages the body and is unnecessary: Many women start getting cold feet at the thought of having a C-section. Although it is true that a normal delivery is always the best way, there can be many situations where a C-section can be lifesaving. Cord around the neck, reduced heartbeat of the baby, low amniotic fluid or a very tired mother are some situations where an emergency C-section is done. It is a very simple procedure and many women go through it in today’s day and age. With correct guidance and postpartum care, the mother can spring back to normalcy very quickly.

There are many more myths associated with pregnancy and it is always better to consult your doctor and seek clarity before blindly believing it. An ideal childbirth centre must also have a good paediatric doctor, to address any issues the new born may have.