The Can Am Commander has been one of the most popular off road vehicles for many years now. There are many individuals who use these off road vehicles for farm work, recreation, camping, hunting, and more. It is easy to see why this off road vehicle is very popular with adventurous individuals. The rugged design of this off road vehicle gives individuals peace of mind that this vehicle will withstand even the most extreme of off road conditions. This Can AM Commander seems to be continuing on its path as being one of the most popular off road vehicles on the market.

Individuals who purchase the Can AM Commander are known to enjoy modifying this off road vehicle to their specific liking. One of the most popular additions or mods to this vehicle is the after market Can Am Commander lift kit that is available for this off road vehicle. This lift kit allows for much more extreme terrain to be traversed in this already very mobile vehicle. The most popular version of lift kits for the Can Am Commander are the 3 inch and 6 inch lift kits. The size of lift that an individual wants to put on their off road vehicle depends on the individual needs that they have. If someone is looking more for cosmetic purposes, a 3 inch lift kit should get the job done. However, if someone is looking to have an extreme off road experience, the 6 inch lift kit will most likely be the better option.

Pricing for these lift kits is relatively inexpensive. Installing these lift kits may get pricey however. It is very hard to work with the suspension on any vehicle if the proper tools and knowledge aren’t possessed. It can be very dangerous to work with the suspension on a vehicle if an individual does not know what they are doing. It is a much better idea to just pay a professional to install these lift kits. It may be pricey, but it is worth it to avoid the dangerous injuries that could take place.