Samsung’s fresh Galaxy Accessory acute watch got a lot of columnist and absorption a few weeks ago, and you apparently anticipate you apperceive all there is to apperceive about the technology giant’s aboriginal wearable apparatus and its affairs for on-your-wrist technology. We bet you don’t.

Here are some absorbing facts and insights, aggregate with us by Samsung execs, about the acute watch and what Samsung is because for its approaching in the abeyant $16 billion wearable technology market.

1. Get Accessible for the Apps

Samsung expects that there will be 70 third-party apps accessible for the Galaxy Accessory back it launches in the U.S. in October. Back Mashable able Samsung advisers on whether apps are ported or built, they accustomed that they’re mostly built. Samsung Mobile’s Chief Product Officer Kevin Packingham, however, clarified: Since the apps are all Android-based, “it’s about slimming it down, not a complete rewrite.”

As for area the blow of the amusing arrangement apps are (at the actualization the Accessory alone had Path), Ryan Bidan, Director of Product Marketing for Samsung Mobile, told us, “There are safe expectations that added amusing networks are advancing in abbreviate order.”

2. The APIs Are Coming

While the Galaxy Accessory can already booty pictures and faculty its own movement and orientation, the antecedent set of apps and affiliated accessories (namely aloof one, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3) alone blemish the apparent of what’s accessible with the device. Samsung affairs to bear a set of accessible APIs to developers so they can appoint with all the sensors on the Galaxy Accessory and advantage its assiduous affiliation to the phone. Packingham could not accommodate an API commitment date, though.

3. Sensors Are the Same

Even admitting the Samsung Galaxy Accessory is allotment of a fresh bearing of wearable tech, its audacity are added agnate to a acceptable smartphone – at atomic back it comes to sensors. Packingham told Mashable that the Gear’s sensors are the aforementioned as what you’d acquisition in one of their phones, admitting it lacks a compass.

We asked why the Accessory doesn’t accommodate article like a heart-rate beat –- a absolute fit for wearable tech. Packingham explained that the regulations appropriate for those types of sensors are added intense. They crave “the abutting akin of accuracy.” Plus, if consumers appetite to use them in some array of medical-advisory role, that puts an added accountability on Samsung.

4. Why This Acute Watch Can Succeed

When we asked how the Accessory can achieve where, for instance, Microsoft Spot watches failed, Packingham aboriginal offered an absolutely banal answer, “The technology accessible to us makes a big difference,” adding, “These accessories are absolutely intelligent.” He additionally acclaimed that they run absolute operating systems (Android) and accept admission to far added real-time abstracts than their blighted predecessors. They’re additionally added adjustable and flexible, putting for instance, your amusing arrangement on your wrist.Original acute watches had bound technology and were, in essence, “one-trick ponies.”

According to Bidan, who was at Microsoft during the Spot era, “the technology is assuredly communicable up to the expectations.” They additionally accept the smartphone era has helped alternation and adapt consumers for this fresh age of acute watches.

5. The Bandage Is Full of Technology

There’s no missing the 1.9-megapixel camera on the Galaxy Gear’s wrist band, but did you apperceive that the bandage additionally includes a apostle on the clasp?

When we able Samsung on the somewhat hasty accommodation to abode the camera in the allotment of the watch that takes the best abrasion and tear, Bidan said, “There is brainy sidestepping because it happens to be in the anatomy agency of a watch. If it wasn’t a watch, we would not be talking about the band.”

In added words, Samsung would like of us to anticipate added about the Accessory as a allotment of wearable tech that has technology in all the places all-important to be absolutely useful. So, for example, the apostle in the brooch works in concert with the noise-canceling microphones in the watch body, acceptance you to authority the watch up abreast your face to conduct a buzz alarm (routed through your smartphone).

Packingham additionally arise that while the customer-care plan for the Accessory should be agnate to what Samsung offers for a phone, if your Galaxy Accessory bandage is burst or damaged, “a simple change of the bandage in the abundance is unlikely. You do allegation accoutrement for repair.”

6. You Can Ignore a Alarm by Placing Your Duke Over the Phone

Samsung advised the Galaxy Accessory to be a glanceable device. If you get a buzz alarm on your Galaxy Note 3, the active will arise on the watch. You can glance at your wrist to see who is calling. If you don’t appetite to booty the call, you aloof awning the buzz with your hand. (Your approach does accept to blow the screen.) Back we asked how the buzz knows the aberration between, say, two fingers and a palm, Bidan accustomed the algebraic abaft blow technology, but couldn’t analyze if the accessory absolutely recognizes the difference.

7. Samsung Is Targeting Customers, Not Women

Samsung’s gotten some affliction over the admeasurement and architecture limitations of the Galaxy Gear, abnormally from some fashion-conscious women and those with decidedly baby wrists. But back we asked about the achievability of designing a “female first” acute watch, Bidan joked “‘Female first’ is a alarming rat aperture to go down.”

Bidan acclaimed that the Galaxy Accessory is aloof one device. “Samsung isn’t a aggregation that releases A device,” explained Bidan acknowledging the company’s proclivity for carrying assorted articles in a category.

8. Samsung Will Produce Added Wearables

“Will there be added Accessory accessories and wearables in our future? Sure,” Bidan told us. A bag is a possibility. Essentially “you could put it anywhere. It’s a awning with some tech abaft it.”

9. Start Charging With a Tap

Samsung’s Galaxy Accessory is advised to survive at atomic a day on a distinct charge, admitting Packingham insists you can extend array activity “quite a bit based on how you configure your device.” However, it will acceptable allegation to allegation overnight, every, or every added night. To achieve this task, you’ll use the included charging device, which actually wraps about the accessory anatomy and snaps closed. It has a USB charging anchorage in the abject and chestnut connectors central that bout up with the apparent chestnut on the abject of the Gear. The charger additionally has congenital NFC, so, according to Samsung, you artlessly tap to pair.