Genuine and natural are very sky-high, rare and classy. The Hope Diamond is the largest natural blue diamond that weighs about 45.52 carats. The trace amount of the element boron within the molecular structure of the stone give blue diamonds their shade. Considering boron is unique, this combination does not occur often in nature.

The Hope Diamond formed one billion years ago. Jewelry and gem makers now grow blue diamonds in laboratories, using the same chemicals that make natural diamonds blue. Synthetic blue diamonds, which have the same physical attributes as natural blue diamonds, are gaining popularity and are now widely used as an engagement ring. The following are tips and ideas you need to know about on choosing your most precious and memorable token of love:

1. You must decide if you want an engagement ring with a natural, or synthetic, blue diamond. The stones are extremely similar in appearance, but differ hugely in availability. Locating a natural blue diamond necessitates enlisting the help of a certified diamond dealer. Searching such a stone may take weeks or months. Synthetic diamonds are readily available. Jewelers purchase synthetic blue diamonds from labs that grow them. You can also order a stone directly from a lab.

2. Choose the color of blue you want and like for your engagement ring. Natural and synthetic blue diamonds are classified and priced from lightest to darkest in hue. Fancy vivid blue is the most intense natural and synthetic blue diamond.

3. You have to decide within your spending budget. According to diamond dealer, AMGAD, a 1-carat vivid natural blue diamond costs between $250,000 and $500,000 depending on the intensity of color, cut and clarity. The least expensive natural blue diamond, fancy light, amounts between $30,000 and $70,000 per carat. According to Everything-Wedding-Rings, synthetic blue diamonds cost an average of $8,500 per carat.

4. Lastly, you must choose the diamond size and the cut. Natural and synthetic blue diamonds are typically sold as loose stones. You must bring your stone to a jeweler who is experienced and expert at designing custom engagement rings.

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