When many renters sign a lease agreement and pay a deposit, they understandably expect to receive most or all of the deposit back when they move out. This is not always the case. Under the terms of the lease agreement, landlords are permitted to recoup funds for cleaning and repairs from the deposit. These expenses can add up quickly. Many renters have been dismayed to learn that they would not be getting their deposit back after all. By following a few helpful tips, you may be able to avoid this experience yourself and get all of your deposit back when you vacate your apartment.

3 Surefire Ways to Get Your Rent Deposit Back When You Move

Do Minor Repair Work Yourself

Unless your lease specifically forbids it, you should do some minor repair work yourself. It can be hard to live in an apartment for a year or two without it showing any signs of wear, but many of these signs can be erased through light work on your part. For example, if the cabinet has become unhinged, simply grab a screwdriver. If the dog has destroyed the blinds, find matching blinds at a local store to serve as a replacement. Keep in mind that you can usually do these types of repairs for a fraction of the cost that your landlord may charge you.

Hire a Moving Service

Moving in and out of an apartment can result in damage to your furniture as well as to the apartment unit. Consider that you can easily scratch a front door or put a dent in a wall as you move your furniture around yourself. Hiring a moving and storage service like Walsh Moving & Storage can minimize or eliminate damage to the unit caused by the move. In addition, you may complete the project faster, and this can give you more time to thoroughly clean the apartment.

Schedule Professional Cleaning

Most apartment leases are written so that the tenant must professionally clean the apartment or pay a cleaning fee upon vacating. If you have pets, you may also be required to pay for carpet cleaning service. With coupons, discounts and more available, you could potentially find lower cleaning rates than what the landlord will charge you. You may also clean the apartment yourself if the lease does not require a professional cleaning service.

You may have hundreds of dollars or more at stake through your deposit. Nobody wants to lose this kind of money when it could be avoided. These simple steps can help you to get more of your security deposit back when you move out.