New relationships always feel so fun and fresh because of the possibilities that lay before the couple. As relationships progress, they become more comfortable, but the excitement fades. Here are 10 ways to recapture that feeling.

1) Plan a Surprise Vacation

They key to making this work is to account for every detail. Make sure you call your partner’s employer and get approval for the necessary vacation days.

2) Show that you Pay Attention to the things your Partner Says

Has she mentioned wanting to read a certain book or liking a specific type of tea? Giving her one of these items, no matter how small, is a huge gesture of affection.

3) Go on different Kinds of Dates

Art gallery openings provide the perfect excuse to wear one’s fanciest clothes and drink wine in a sophisticated setting. A beer or wine tastings is a nice change from a typical bar outing.

4) Establish Traditions

Announcing something as simple as a weekly pasta night can nurture a relationship. It is important to take time for dates, no matter how long the couple has been together.

Relationships 101 The Top 10 Ways To Surprise That Special Someone

5) Go to Momocon

If you have a shared love of gaming and comics, you could take a trip to a special event like Momocon and dress up like your favorite fictional couple.

6) Show that your respect your Partner’s Relationships with his or her Friends

Planning a girls’ day of spa treatments or a guys’ day of laser tag is a canny way of getting your partner’s friends to like you in addition to honoring the relationships that your partner had before you met him or her.

7) Pack your Partner’s Lunch

Finding that this chore is already done lifts a lot of stress off of a busy person’s shoulders. This would be especially meaningful if your partner has mentioned feeling overwhelmed at work. Make her smile by sticking a little note or flower in the bag.

8) Instead of Sending Flowers to Her Office, Send Her Lunch or Dinner

This tip is a favorite among women, who like sending something to their boyfriends’ workplaces after being sent roses or chocolates.

9) Make a Gesture of Commitment

If you are not ready to propose, consider ordering a welcome mat or wall decoration with both of your names on it. This will show your partner that you are serious about building a life together.

10) Write your Own Version of your Love Story

Create an album with pictures and written anecdotes that illustrate why this relationship is so important to you. Do not include the memories that get talked about often. Try to include the small moments that have stuck with you and the stories that do not get shared with other people.

Creativity and familiarity are the keys to surprising your partner in meaningful ways. By doing something that shows how well you know the one you love, you are showing how much you care.