It’s never too early to begin planning ahead for your next big summer vacation. Here are some things that you can do now that will make your next summer vacation completely awesome.

Spruce up Your Car

If a summer road trip is your idea of a perfect vacation, there are some preparations you should start making right now. Start with the practical preparations and get emergency items stocked in your car. Flashlights, a first aid kit, a spare tire, portable jumper cables, and a car jack will all be necessary should your car break down. Once you’ve taken care of all necessary safety precautions, have a little fun with your vehicle improvements. Install a multi-outlet USB charger so that your friends and family can keep their portable electronics charged during the long trip. To prevent you from getting lost, place a state-of-the-art GPS device on your dashboard that will help guide you to your vacation destination.

Prepare for Boating

Summer should be spent out on the open water while you bathe in the life-giving rays of sunshine. Most people will travel to a beach to lay out on a towel to soak up the sun, but that’s not what you do for an awesome summer vacation. Start saving up money now so that you can buy a pontoon boat for your own personal use. It will allow you to spend your time drifting calmly in beautiful waters with the sun on your skin and a cold drink in your hand.

Work on that Body

Everyone has the goal of achieving their ideal beach body before summer arrives. It can be difficult to figure out where to start on your weight loss and fitness journey. Start simple with small changes to your diet. Losing weight is a combination of a reduction in daily calorie consumption and increased physical activity. Once you begin burning more calories than you eat in a day, you’ll begin to lose weight. Fitness requires more effort. Fitness can be achieved through routine visits to the gym a few times a week during the cold fall and winter months. There is also the option of fitness equipment you can erect in your home for daily workouts to help keep off that winter weight. It’s a good idea to start your weight loss and fitness journey early enough to see results by next summer. Stepping onto the beach and watching everyone’s head turn will make your summer vacation completely awesome.

While you’re out having your awesome summer vacation, don’t forget to practice summer safety tips to prevent sunburn, dehydration, and skin irritations from toxic summer plants.