Many hiking enthusiasts enjoy the sport for the exhilaration they feel once they come across the perfect scenic view. The good news is that there are hiking destinations around the globe that can meet this requirement, including those in the United States. America is home to many scenic trails that offer views of towering trees, geological structures, and more. Here are some of the trails that you should be hitting if you are trying to find some of the most spectacular views in the United States.

Colorado- West Maroon Creek Trail

This 10-mile trail provides exactly what you would expect from a state that is teeming with stunning hikes that go through the Rocky Mountains. The trail passes through a glacial valley before taking a turn upward through the Maroon Pass that reaches altitudes of 12,480 feet. This trail is best enjoyed in July, when Colorado’s flower season is in full bloom and waist-high flowers of yellow, red, purple, and white can be found along the trail.

Hawaii- Kalalau Trail

This 11-mile trail goes along the jagged Napali coast found on the island of Kauai. It comes out to a secret beach- requiring you to cross 5 valleys, secluded beaches, sea cliffs, and tropical forests on your trek. Even though the view along the trail itself is spectacular, it is really the beach at the end that makes this trail worthwhile. As an added benefit, the beach is great for camping!

Arizona- Mooney Falls

This 3-mile trail starts at Supai, a village found in the Hualapai Indian reservation and runs through two travertine tunnels, along chains anchored in the rock face of the Grand Canyon, and down iron ladders. It offers breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon during the entire height but the most spectacular view is that offered of Mooney Falls, which cascades down the red rock wall and into an aquamarine plunge pool surrounded by a garden of wild grape vines.

Alaska- Harding Icefield Trail

This trail goes through Kenai Fjords National Park and is 4 miles in length though it is still quite a challenging climb. It offers scenic views of the Harding Icefield as you trek upward through forest and meadow, with a lookout that gives you a glimpse of the entire Icefield on the path. Also, this area is known for bears so be sure you have brushed up on bear safety before tackling this trail!

Utah- Angel’s Landing

This trail through Zion National Park is a challenging one- so much so that the last half-mile has chains along the trail to be gripped for safety. It is 2.4 miles long and ends at the top of Angel’s Landing, which is a rock formation offering stunning views from all of its sides. You will also catch glimpses of the Virgin River and Walter’s Wiggles, which are a formation of 21 steep switchbacks.

Michigan- Greenstone Ridge Trail

This trail goes through Isle Royale National Park, which is found on the largest island on Lake Superior. The entire hike is 40 miles across and it stretches to either side of the island. In the middle, you will find a high ridge. This offers breathtaking views of the cobalt blue Lake Superior and 400 other islands that surround it. A benefit of this trail is that it is one of the lesser-known islands, meaning you will likely be able to enjoy it yourself.

If you are hiking in the US, then these trails should definitely be at the top of your list. They offer some of the most breathtaking views in America. Just don’t forget to bring your camera, which you can store in Adventure Lion’s waterproof bag.

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