With the huge success of office 365, Microsoft was quick to cash in on the market demand by including some of its major office products into a useful and meaningful package.  Among some of the products offered under one package include Skype for business, exchange online, web conferencing and more. The idea that the more a package includes different offering, the better it is both for the buyer and seller in terms of pricing. Such clubbing the services under one office 365 cloud makes buying extra products as almost free of cost.

Lync provided best of class online call and video conferencing. To recreate this magic, Microsoft created Skype for business incorporating all the features of lync and adding new concepts with easy to access design. And a major upgrade to lync has been the pricing for Skype for business which comes at much less when bought as a package under office 365. You can now compare office 365 plans easily.

Looking at how we can relate Skype for Business through lync

  • Lync clients – lync clients will be appended to Skype for business clients
  • Lync app- it will be now be Skype for business App
  • Lync online has now been converted to Skype online.

Skype for Business is as some would argue a revised version of Microsoft lync. Lync has lived its days and there being a greater need among business class for new ways and ideas to connect business, Microsoft vouched to rest lync and come up with Skype for business. This segment is very crucial for Microsoft for expanding in core business of internet services. Microsoft is targeting a much larger chunk of its base customers to benefit from its revamped office 365 cloud offerings. Have a look at the major offerings under http://www.o365cloudexperts.com

Some of the few major benefits of Skype for Business Introduction

  • Easy and user friendly is one of the basic advantage of Skype for business as it includes the overall simplicity of design of the original Skype product. The overall performance and business uptime of 99.9% has been a major reason for huge success of Skype and Microsoft is aware to include and integrate Skype for business with all such feature.
  • Another benefit is providing the basic Skype functions of call and video conferencing to its base of all Skype for business
  • Similarly Microsoft has included all of its lync functionality to Skype for business
  • Pricing is again a major change when compared to a standalone lync to a new office 365 Skype for business. Compare the Skype for Business Pricing model for all your need under office 365.
  • Helping people to interact and video conference even though they don’t have a Skype for business.
  • Skype for business is aware of data encryption need of today’s business. It makes sure all your conversations and meetings are encrypted for greater safety and protection.
  • One can switch easily from conversation to meeting to conference to call at the click of a button.
  • Skype for business is provided for desktop and mobile interfaces

Microsoft has great expectation with including Skype for business under office 365.Office 365 is in itself  a revolutionary concept in the emerging field of cloud technology and Microsoft is all  geared up with it offerings to create a sizable position for itself . And the ability of Skype for business to function as a one stop for all business connecting need ranging from a simple cheap phone call to greater complex meeting and conference makes it a first choice among millions of customers ranging from students to big corporate alike. If you read some of the reviews which it gathered for skype for business inclusion one would understand why It considers Skype for business as a must have for any business setup. Microsoft has gambled its way to the top in this domain in less than two decade of revolutionary voice over internet technology and now it is hungry to grab each and every opportunity that is available in its way to stay this way for a long time to come.