Facebook is the top social media profile and perfect for businesses to expand their reach. Apps make the pages easier to use and can help encourage users to add their comments and reviews on the page. All the apps are in the social network section and here are some of the best ones to download and integrate with your business page.

The Welcome by World of Social to Welcome New People

You want to create the best impression for new people visiting your page. The best way to do this is with the Welcome App. It allows you to customize the first page people see. You can add your own business logo, share what you do and encourage them to click the like button. Think of it like a landing page for your business page but instead of getting email addresses you get likers.

Reviews- for Your Testimonials

A review from a friend says a thousand words. It acts like word of mouth and lets people know whether they can trust you and your product. You want to make it easy for users to do this and Reviews- allows you to do this. It offers the chance for people to publish a small or long review or simply click a star rating. Good reviews will soon help to boost your small business reputation.

Apps for Embedding Other Social Media Profiles

This is technically more than five apps but you can download as many as you need. You can embed YouTube, connect to your Twitter stream or even link to your Flickr account all within Facebook thanks to these social media apps. It streamlines the process of using social media. However, remember that anything you post on these accounts will be embedded on your Facebook business page!

NetworkedBlogs for Automatic Content Sharing

If you create blog posts, you want to make it easy to share your latest offerings with your Facebook page followers. NetworkedBlogs allows you to do this if you have a blog that is run by WordPress. As soon as you publish a new post, it will show up on your Facebook page so your fans are alerted about it. They will have a link that takes them directly to your post. This is a great alternative since Google Reader was closed on July 1, 2013.

SurveyMonkey for Polls

You want your fans to be engaged and polls and surveys are great for this. They don’t have to be difficult. You could just set up a one question survey to find out what people would like to gain from your page. SurveyMonkey is the perfect app for this need. It’s completely free to use and you can add as many questions as you wish.

Lastly, even though we’re talking just about Facebook, don’t limit yourself to one particular platform. Stay abreast of how your customers interact with your company and what platforms they use. For example, Mint is now available on Apple Watch. Why? Because that platform has become very popular among Mint users. So ensure your users are engaged on the platform, be it Facebook or anything else, before you spend your precious development dollars.