WixStores is the eCommercewebsite platform offered by Wix.com. Wix.com is a website building platform offering user-friendly interactive features and 100s of design templates to create a website according to your needs.

Wixpresentlyretains more than 63 million subscribers, with about 45,000 new users joining everyday. It was founded in 2006 and was initially based on Adobe Flash but moved to HTML5 in 2012.

Ideal for:

The features offered by Wix.com are ideal for small business owners looking to take their business online; musicians who want to promote their music, photographers, designers, restaurants owners and the hospitality industry.

Features Offered:


WixStores is an online store builder that helps to set up your business online and start making sales right away. The online store builder offers a great deal of features that make e-commerce very easy.

Interactive drag and drop interface –Wix uses an intuitive drag and drop interface to build websites. You can select images, texts, videos and galleries and place them anywhere you like without any restrictions.

Wide range of Templates – The platform offers a large range of templates to choose from, or you can also create your own custom design. These templates are professionally designed to help you in website building if you are not the creative type.

Reliable Hosting – Free and reliable hosting provides your website maximum security.

Optimized Mobile View – You won’t have to design a mobile version for your website, Wix does it for you automatically, letting viewers see the same design of website on all electronic devices.

Add and Organize Pages – Add as many blank pages or customizable pages you want. Sub-pages can be added too to organize content beautifully.

Social Feeds – Connect all your favorite social media links to your website and engage audience with applications like, feed, tint and Instagram that let you share pictures and videos.

Easy Blog addon –With the blog add feature, you can easily add blog to your website and start blogging immediately. The blog can be customized with galleries and social feeds too.

Store view

Separate page for every product – A product page will be created for every product, so that when your site’s visitor clicks on the product, he or she will be taken to the product page. Add up to 20 images to effectively tell about your product to your customers.

Show case sales and offers – Add a ribbon to special products or to display special offers and sale on limited stock.

Add applications – With so many apps to choose from, enhance your website by adding powerful web apps like Google AdSense, Site Booster, and more.

Thankyou Message – The customer sees a Thank You message when they purchase a product.

Checkout Process

Multiple payment modes – WixStores offers a number of online payment modes to customers from PayPalto Authorize.net, creating a smooth buying experience for customers.

Set shipping and tax rules – Modify the prices of products according to where the customer lives and WixStores will make it easy for you to calculate shipping tax and fees for each order.

Shopping cart – As soon as you like a product, you can click on the “add to shopping cart”. The product is added to the shopping bag at the top of the page and customers can check their shopping cart anytime.

Purchase updates – If set up, you can send an automated email confirmation as soon as a purchase is made to your customers.

Store Manager

Users can manage their online store with Store Manager that provides all the basic tools. The manager can easily track the orders throughStore Manager as an order is placed.Once the product is received, it is marked as fulfilled.The inventory tab shows the manager information about products in stock and also add/remove products.Newsletters, email and other information to customers can be using smart actions.

WixStores: An Interactive eCommerceWebsite Builder


Based on our review, Wix is one of the most user friendly eCommercewebsite buildersof the present time offering amazing templates and features users would require to set up their business online. With its premium packages, one can enjoy additional features such as connecting a domain name, removing Wix ads and additional storage and bandwidth.