When you want an escape, and want to spend time on the open road, a motorcycle ride will prove to be both memorable and awe-inspiring. It’s an adventure unlike any other, and there are several different places to explore in the U.S. on your bike. When you’re planning your next trip, here are a few scenic motorcycle rides in America to keep in mind.

Overseas Highway

Take the Overseas Highway into the Florida Keys where you can ride on over 113 miles of bridges and roads next to perfectly turquoise water. You’ll view old remnants of the old railroad bridges, which are known to end abruptly in the middle of the water.

Pacific Coast Highway

When you want to experience the best parts of California, consider taking a ride on the Pacific Coat Highway where you can take in the gorgeous views of the ocean while getting close to cliffs. Although you may hit a bit of traffic on the road, you’ll miss most of it if you avoid taking a trip during the months of July and August. You’ll get the chance to pass by Big Sur, Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz, and Sonoma County, also known as wine country. If you drive when there’s congestion, be sure to drive slowly to avoid accidents and if you drive at night, be sure you have visible clothing and reflectors.

San Juan Skyway

The San Juan Skyway will allow you to drive on 233 miles of open road through the San Juan National Forest, which is about a five-hour drive. The drive is favored for the views of the mountains and ancient Native American pueblo ruins. You can stop at different campgrounds or participate in outdoor activities when you want to take a break from riding on your motorcycle.

Patchwork Parkway

Patchwork Parkway in Utah is a two-hour drive where you’ll find plenty of lakes, lava fields, and plateaus. The canyons are also breathtaking and will offer the chance to take photographs and view brilliant orange shows when the sun sets.

Olympic Peninsula Loop

Olympic Peninsula Loop will take you through Olympic National Park where you’ll take in the views of Hood Canal and can stop on the shores of Lake Crescent. You can also take a detour to Hurricane Ridge to see the mountains or visit wild beaches that are close to La Push.

When you want to get plenty of out of your motorcycle, there are a few scenic routes to add to your bucket list. The drives here will allow you to stop and smell the roses, while experiencing the most beautiful views in the country.