About a quarter of all car accidents are caused by driver fatigue and, as a result, falling asleep during driving. In the monotonous and dark road conditions, the risks of falling asleep are higher. Statistics shows that after four hours of continuous driving, the reaction of the driver is halved, and after eight hours, it is six times reduced. Considering this information, a sleepy driver is even more dangerous than a drunk driver is.

There are several tips, which will fresh up the driver and will help to finish the journey without incidents. Drive save and comfortably with the help of car rental services.

1. Before you leave, provide yourself with roasted seeds and lemons

Constant nibbling of the sunflower seeds will help you to concentrate on the clicking sound of the husk. Many drivers take some snacks with them – crackers, nuts, small candies (preferably with a bright taste). The most important thing is not to overeat – the feeling of fullness easily provokes drowsiness. You can also cut the lemon into slices and periodically smell it. Its smell stimulates the hypothalamus, which is responsible for the ability to concentrate in difficult situations. Do not throw out the exhausted fruit as it could be used as well.

2. Drinks, which help not to fall asleep

Make a stop by a cafe or gas station and order a large glass of ice juice. This is not to ensure that the rest of the way you will think only about visiting the WC. The reason of drinking cold liquid is that warm liquids have a calming effect, while cold – activate all processes. However, hot coffee and tea could be as well helpful, but their effect usually lasts for only 1.5-2 hours. We recommend adding freshly squeezed lemon juice to tea or coffee, which you can obtain from the lemon, as we mentioned above. Glycolic acid contained in lemon is having a tonic effect.

3. Often the lonely drivers meet with accidents

Take a navigator with you or invite a hitchhiker. If suddenly the passenger falls asleep, ask him/her to sit in the back seat: the sight of a sleeping person is lulling to sleep. The mechanism of this phenomenon is somewhat similar to a yawn, which is difficult to resist when you see a yawning person.

Music turned on at maximum volume will give minimal effect. It depresses the nervous system. If listening to your favorite music does not help to stay energetic, then you can sing along. Moreover, the louder the better. The explanation for this is quite simple: with loud singing, the lungs begin to work more actively, more oxygen enters the blood and the whole body wakes up. In addition, while recalling the words and melody, you stimulate brain activity.

4. If your trip lasts more than four hours, do not forget to make stops, preferably every 2-3 hours

Do not think that you need the rest only when you begin to yawn. This process is showing that the person is already entering the stage of sleeping. During a long trip, the driver needs to make stops every 4 hours.

5. Electronic Fatigue Alarm

There are systems at some modern cars, which, by changing the driving style and control of the car, can warn the driver about his or her fatigue and offer a break. There are also the sensors that monitor eye behavior. A more common warning system is the one, which warns about traffic lanes’ change (when the car crosses the lanes without switching the turn signal, a loud sound is heard by the driver).

Tips for spending the night during the trip

If there is no hotel nearby, do not spend the night on the sidelines. You should choose more crowded place- illuminated gas station, for example. If you are traveling along a deserted road, it is recommended to stop before entering the nearest countryside.

Do not spend the night in a car with the running engine. It is very dangerous, because you can suffocate with carbon monoxide gas. For the weak health of the children, the risk is even higher.

These tips are only concentrating attention, but not relieving fatigue. Energy drinks, lemons, nuts and coffee are awaking for a short period of time. Do not take risks, as it is not worth it. Remember, sleeping is the only effective remedy against fatigue.