The secret to a couple enjoying honeymoon has been evident over the years. By choosing the best destination, the newlyweds are sure of having their best moments. For those who visit Istanbul, they are sure of hot scenic sites. The beauty is spread out in the tradition, the history, many shops and romantic night life. There is also contemporary culture and hills with a rich history. This describes the best honeymoon destinations to visit in Istanbul. It is known as the cross-point between Asia and Europe. This gives a couple lifelong memories about their honeymoon. Here are now honeymoon destinations in Istanbul.

Bosphorus Cruise Boat:

· Bosphorus is one of the spectacular sites for a couple. It is the waterway which separates the Asia and Europe continents. Here the newlywed will board the Bosphorus cruise boat which a major attraction due to the experience of riding in it.

· The day spent while crossing is breathtaking as one is able to view the castles, the Ottomn villas and small boats used for fishing. On crossing over the Ottoman sultans palaces also become a romantic view to remember. This place is commonly known for the night life and the Kizkulesi house.


· This is a wonderful destination due to the historical sites. There are beautiful rocks which are curved to the shape of a chimney.

· The couples will also enjoy seeing the church in a historical cave and rocks which are against gravity. The evenings too are quite romantic with the view of the sunsets.

Topkapi Palace:

· Couples have a chance to see this palace which dates back in 15th -19th century. The beautiful historic site was the residence of Ottoman Sultans. It has a spectacular view of the architecture, the porcelain by Chinese, the costumes and treasury.

Best Honeymoon Destinations To Visit In Istanbul

Suleymaniye Mosque:

· This is a magnificent site which dates back in 16th century. It is one of the imperial mosques. When included in the package, it produces a memorable view of ancient buildings also learning about their history.

· This translates into a couple learning and also having romantic moments.

Sultanahmet Mosque:

· It is also known as the Blue Mosque. It has a breathtaking design of architecture which dates back many years ago. The place is also famous and receives thousands of visitors every year.

Grand Bazzar:

· This is where a couple enjoys shopping for Turskish rugs. They are unique and the prices are affordable. Therefore a person can buy many of them. Apart from the rugs, jewelries are also available in different designs.


· It is one of the most common destinations for couples along the Mediterranean coast. The night life is quite charming, the resorts are breathtaking and the harbor is irresistible. It has many shopping centers with all kinds of products.

· The restaurants also have been made to exude all forms of entertainment that a young couple may desire. The countryside of Turkey which is seen from this site also provides the secret of total tranquility.

The magic to a romantic and memorable honey is the site visited. While in Istanbul, the sites are quite many and they are all breathtaking. It is thus important for one to acquire a Turkey visa well in advance. This helps get to the place and enjoy without limits.