According to an experienced digital marketer from, it is three times easier maintain a client than it is to get a new one. When it comes to digital marketing, most clients face a challenge that requires constant support from their service providers. Most digital marketing agencies lose many clients through lack of a proper customer support mechanisms. Therefore, this publication wishes to highlight the best ways digital marketing agencies can improve their on customer support.

Assess your company goals and create a strategy

Strategy is one of the biggest drivers of a successful business. So, for your business to succeed in customer support, then there is a need for a strategy for that. However, it must be in line with company goals. Digital marketing companies would like to retain all the clients they work for and, therefore, setting a strategy in line with that goal is easier. While setting a strategy from customer support, it is prudent to use the previous history of their experience with you.

Identifying the gaps in clients experience

Just like any other business, digital marketing agencies will lose clients if they have poor customer support. This can occur when there are many gaps in the client experience with your brand. Now that you already have a strategy in place, it should cover on how to close the gaps like communication challenges, and poor relationships between the client and your team. It is important to list the gaps in writing and brainstorm with your team on the best solutions.

Establish communication channels

This is where agencies lose business. It is highly advised that a clear channel of communication should be established, tested and seen to work perfectly. If the company is confident that this is the way to communicate, then go ahead and make it a standard. With a similar communication method for all companies, it is easier for each team member to follow. Additionally, the client will not notice when a new member of the team takes over their project for some reasons. Some of the communication channels include emails and phone calls among others.

Take the business relationship with a client to another level

As more business fight for recognition on the web, the digital marketers have a great role to play. No client will waste much of their time with a digital marketer who is not making an impact on them. This calls for efforts to make client relationships deeper. Rather than giving them what they can do with simple online marketing tools like social media management, give them a continuous support and nurturing with great strategies that really work. Their clients should feel that the digital marketers are part of them in getting marketing solutions.

Help the clients improve their business

Any client will brush off all service providers who do not add any value to their companies including the digital marketers. Since most companies crush due to financial challenges, the digital marketer can advise their clients when they make a wrong decision in marketing strategies that can cost them. If they have an in-house marketing team which is not productive, they can also give a better solution on how to save on cost.

With the above strategies, any digital marketing company stands a better position to retain over 95 percent of their customer and get new ones as well.