If you want to succeed in the competitive business of the courier industry, finding regular self-employed courier jobs is paramount. The Courier Exchange is one proven way that jobs can be sourced efficiently and yet, even though it has been available for ten years, many courier companies are not taking advantage of its many benefits. Its main function is to link its members so that the industry can function in a more streamlined manner and in a more organised capacity. The huge membership consists of courier businesses and businesses requiring couriers to carry out self-employed courier jobs.

Helping Courier Companies


Regardless of whether you are simply looking for more work to fill your vehicles or whether you are requiring sub-contractors to help with your backlog of work, the exchange can help to relieve your worries. Using a selection of simple tools that have been designed with simplicity as a priority, businesses looking for self-employed courier jobs can be put in touch with companies requiring sub-contractors to carry out their extra work. The exchange aims to benefit both parties.

When a business needs to employ sub-contractors there can be many concerns that require acknowledging. Often businesses prefer to struggle on alone rather than risk sub-contracting to an unknown business that may not carry out the work to the same standard or have the same work ethic of the contracting company. Attitude to business and professional standards can be hard to assess so sub-contracting can prove to be a headache. The exchange aims to relieve these worries, however, with its strict and detailed registration process that all of its members are required to undertake. By sourcing contractors through the exchange you have a certain amount of guarantee that they have similar standards to you and are a credible and reputable company that is not entirely unknown. The support of the exchange community acts to filter out companies that do not come up to scratch.

Using The Membership To Capacity

After completing the initial registration process, the exchange will begin to work for you, alerting you to available self-employed courier jobs or to potential couriers that you can sub-contract to. Efficiency and organisation improves without any extra effort and profits will begin to increase without you realising. Initially some input is required from you so that the exchange system has something to work with. Your profile, once complete, will detail your drivers’ locations, availability, vehicle and load specifications and if you update this so that real-time details are correct you will have jobs flooding in before you know it. The whole system is easy to use and once you begin to use it to capacity the rewards come back ten fold.

You can choose to be notified of an appropriate self-employed courier job by email, mobile application or SMS and the more jobs that you take on, the more contacts and potential working relationships you make. These are all positive factors that will result in the steady growth of your business reputation and profitability.

The feedback forum on the website allows you to comment on other companies you have worked with and also to read about companies you could potentially work with in the future. Any issues are duly dealt with and the team behind the exchange is always on hand to iron out any problems so that the system continues to work at its maximum proficiency.