Whether you’re going into the business as a truck driver or managing your own fleet, you’ve no doubt noticed that freightliner trucks can be expensive. Buying for the first time or replacing an older truck is a major investment, but it doesn’t have to break your wallet. There are ways that newcomers or even gurus in the industry can use to cut down the costs of a new truck without having to compromise on quality. Here are just four of those tricks that can get you started.

Get a Maintenance Subscription Service with the Same Dealer

Part of the cost of a truck is maintaining it, and you may be able to get some maintenance services for free or at discounted prices if you sign up for a maintenance subscription service with the truck seller. This subscription may include services such as brake, tire, and battery checks, as well as regular certifications and inspections. Free routine oil changes may also be part of your freightliner truck maintenance subscription plan, especially if you’re buying from them for the first time or are buying more than one for a fleet. Many dealers offer services like these to increase customer loyalty and ensure repeat business, so make sure to ask about these kinds of offers when you’re looking at dealerships to buy from.

Wait for Seasonal Promotions

Many sellers offer seasonal promotions to sell their freightliner truckers quicker at lower prices. It’s a known fact that certain times of the year are better for buying new vehicles than others. According to HuffPost, it’s often possible to find great deals on cars in the months on October, November and December, and this is usually true for freightliner trucks as well. In most cases, it’s best to avoid buying a truck in the spring or at the very beginning of a new model year, as these are the times you’ll encounter the highest prices.

Buy Used

Many used freightliner trucks that are for sale are still in excellent condition and can be purchased for much less than new models. Some of the best used trucks on the market haven’t been driven that much and are built to last for many years. You can actually get a newer model this way by buying a certified refurbished truck, which was driven once, returned, restored to like-new conditions, and then put on the market at discounted prices. When looking for used freightliner trucks for sale, it’s important to go through a reputable dealer so that you can find a truck that’s of a better quality that has no hidden maintenance problems, and to check for certifications and warranties that ensure your purchase isn’t a gamble.

Offer a Higher Down Payment

If you want to pay off any truck that you purchase gradually through payments, offering a larger down-payment in the beginning can save you money. Your dealer may offer you a better deal on financing if you put more money down at the time of purchase, which may ultimately lower your monthly payments. You might also be able to secure financing with a lower interest rate if you offer a larger down payment. Companies offer gradual payments simply as a means of making purchases more affordable in the moment, and use the interest money to compensate for the money they might not get paid should you fail to be able to meet all of your payments. By putting down a larger down-payment, you’re showing them that you are in a financially stable place (making it more likely you’ll make all of your payments) and also offering them reduced liability in how much of the total cost they’ll be guaranteed to have. Doing this gives you a great deal of negotiating power, so be sure to use that.
Buying a freightliner truck shouldn’t have to mean going broke. By finding ways to save money on your purchase, you’ll have an easier time getting the truck that meets all your requirements. Whether you’re a singular driver or a manager of a fleet, there are many avenues available for you to take to finance your freightliner.