The world is ruled by many tech giants and companies who have been built from scratch and may have even started off in a garage. The biggest examples of Google, Apple and Microsoft all had humble beginnings. They were all small business at the start, each with an idea to shape the world, and today they are multi-billion dollar conglomerates, who are now part of our everyday lives.

Inspired by these companies, many have followed suit, each of which started with an idea which has the potential to change the world. For these people to find success and fulfil their dreams there are many important factors. These can be ample funding, a big workspace and an understanding team of people. All three have critical importance in a start-up, our focus on more roseandjones however, lies in the workspace.

Peaceful or dynamic workplaces

Places where one work can range from peaceful and tranquil to vibrant and dynamic, each of which fits a mould of individuals who are working together on a common goal. Companies can find various types of workspaces and where they may be located. A calm workspace is reserved for people who have to work without distractions and require a community of similarly minded individuals who like the quiet and comfort of such places. Whereas, dynamic places filled with colour and comfortable places to lounge in, usually appeal to the newer generation of engineers and coders. These new group does not really care for all the noise, as they are accustomed to working in such environments, and in fact, helps them foster their creativity.

Why location plays a big role in picking a space

Location is a big factor for these start-ups, they want to be around people and companies with similar goals and dream. They want to be working with like-minded people, and an environment that encourages growth and nurture. Another one of these demands is the vicinity of these places to bigger offices or for the places to be near the populous. Both of these have unique advantages, being around more offices and business centres allow the start-ups or small business to hold a meeting and can entertain more people on a daily basis. If the business is dependent on walk-in customers and people, a close proximity to a populated region can be very beneficial.

Being on the outskirts can be a major disadvantage for business and start-ups which depend on people and interact with other companies, luring them to far away office spaces can be a big deal. The only advantage of having a place on the outskirts is the leasing amount, which is significantly lesser than that of places in the city. For companies with less capital, this is the way to go; but as they continue to grow, shifting to the city seems like a far more desirable option.

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