Making a business work in the emerging technological age is the key to long term success. These business solutions don’t have to be a hassle. In fact, streamlining a business to make it work with technology can not only save time and headaches, but money as well.

Consider these 3 tips to streamlining your business to create efficiency that works with technology.

1. Get in the cloud

There are a number of online cloud hosts. iCloud is just one of those who offers 5GB of free storage space. Anything can be stored in the account, from documents, to videos or contacts. The information is accessible on any of your devices. This means if you hire an employee, whether in office or virtual, you can connect their device to the information they need. No more setting up networks and paying fees for it. Simply provide them with the technology they need to make it work. All information saved in the cloud is backed up, so if there is lost data, it can be recovered.


If you need more than the 5GB of space, you can pay for it for a fraction of the cost of regular networks. iCloud works on PCs, Macs, and iOS. Using the cloud ensures that important documents are never forgotten. If you are on the road and have forgotten a document, access it on your device and print it anywhere you go.

2. Google Voice

It’s free. Google Voice allows you to connect multiple phone lines, and make free phone calls and text messages anywhere within the US and Canada. You can either use your current cell phone number or select a new number.

This ability is great for phones that work as personal and business phones because you can create a business phone number that will connect with your phone without giving out your personal number.

Google Voice can also be set up to transcribe voicemails into text messages or emails based on your personal settings. Voicemails left with Google Voice can also be shared with someone else, so if you get a voicemail that you need an employee to handle, just send the message to him/her with a click. Any number of email addresses can be added to the account, so you can quickly connect your messages to your employees from anywhere you have phone or internet access.

3. Contract Management

Filing and creating contracts can be tricky. Our article Common Errors to Avoid When Formulating Haulage Contracts discussed how contracts need to be thoughtfully worded and error free to prevent turning away potential clients or harming your business.

The company Contract Logix runs contract management services–this means they help both individuals and businesses simplify and streamline the contract process. Contracts are created, altered instantly, routed, and managed quickly and easily. Email contracts to clients and allow e-signatures for streamline efficiency. These management companies also have quick and easy records for auditing and taxes. Like the cloud and Google Voice, contract management can be done from any device you or your employees own.

Technology can be embraced to make the daily operations of your business run more efficiently. Using these three methods of streamlining the business will save you money, headaches, and time. But don’t just streamline, simplify as well. There is no reason to make the job harder when it doesn’t need to be.