Want your brand or product to stand out at an exhibition, and also to make a lasting impression on the visitors? — Ensure that you have refreshments and drinks, particularly coffee, available for the visitors to your exhibition stand. For that, you should ideally get in touch with a reputed event hire company which is known for excellent catering equipment hire, especially coffee machine hire for exhibitions.

By putting up a hired coffee machine at your exhibition stand, you will be able to offer the best quality coffee to your visitors; thereby giving your brand presence an effortless and stylish boost at the exhibition. Before making the final decision about coffee machine hire for exhibitions, you should preferably check out the coffee machine hire packages offered by different event hire companies.

Since most the leading event hire companies offer comprehensive events packages in accordance with the needs of their customers, they have various kinds of coffee machines available for hire. You can select the best coffee machine for your needs, based on the size of your exhibition stand and the estimated number of visitors. After you have selected the most appropriate coffee machine for your requirements, you can ask the event hire company for the events package they can offer with that particular coffee machine hire.

If you search around meticulously, you will find that most of the well-known event hire companies not only offer their elegant mobile coffee stands and coffee machines for hire, but also provide several other ‘linked’ services which can facilitate you in operating your exhibition stand in a smooth and seamless manner.

Along with the coffee machine that you have hired, the comprehensive events packages offered by leading event hire companies come with the additional benefit of a team of professional baristas for providing high-quality service to your visitors. In fact, some of the noteworthy ‘extra’ options which reputed event hire companies provide together with coffee machine hires include the following additions.

  • branded uniform for baristas
  • custom printed cups
  • cappuccino stencils.

The events packages which reputed event hire companies offer with their coffee machine hires basically give you the ability to focus completely on your show so that it can be a super success. Given the fact most of these companies have years of events experience, they can offer superlative service when you go in for their coffee machine hire for exhibitions.

Specifically, for offering top-quality service, event hire companies make sure that the coffee machines which they are hiring out to their customers are in perfect running condition. Towards that end, they fully test and check the coffee machines in their depots before the machines at dispatched to the customers, for being places at their exhibition stands.

Overall, the coffee machines which established event hire companies offer for hire out include coffee percolators, pour and serve filter coffee makers, cafetieres, automatic espresso machines, Espresso machine and Grinder, and a number of other machines. You can hire the coffee machine of your choice, and completely rely on the event hire company to provide top-notch service to your visitors at the exhibition!