Considering having a fitness facility to ease your daily fitness and exercise routine, it makes sense if you can implement crossfit. Besides what difference will it make to own a facility that is no different than a normal gym house of shared membership. A cross fit is highly intensive and advanced in nature. As a strength and conditioning program, it combines high intensity exercises and activities performed across broad time and age domains. It employs fitness items from different sport and exercise disciplines. Crossfit workout routines are performed in varied movements invariably.  

For that, you have to be a little snitchy as you can’t have fully operative crossfit without stealing ideas from other fitness activities- to be more specific, for your crossfit, you are going to need equipment from different fitness activities like olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, powerlifting, calisthenics, strongman, girevoy sport, plyometrics, etc. To get a crossfit up and running, here are five basic equipment that you are going to need:

Olympic Barbell

This comes on top of the list of items for a crossfit program for the fact that it is borrowed from olympic weightlifting which is an advanced body workout exercise. It comes in handy for performing high-intensity workout routines. It comes in different forms and a standard olympic type would weigh 20 kg for men and 15 kg for women. The shaft for women bars is smaller than the one designed for men. The shaft is cylindrical in shape and its diameter ranges from 25 to 29.


Having got the bars, you will need weights of different sizes and diameter for it. You can use either iron or bumper plates. Iron plates are reserved for experienced powerlifters. For a normal daily workout routines, bumper plates are recommended so as to avoid injuries. Let me give you something important to chew on: get your bars and weights in sets as that most dealers give quantity discounts for crossfit items.

Pull-up bars

Pull-up bars are needed in a crossfit gym house for advanced aerobatic exercise movements performed invariably to build strength, stamina and agility. It can be implemented in two ways: it is either wall or ceiling mounted. Pull-up bars are easy to build and to lower your expenses on equipment, you can design it yourself. You can top it up with a power rack but getting a power rack is not a must, especially if you are operating on a modest budget. If your budget is fine, consider having one at your crossfit home.

Jump rope

This is kind of dope for cardio fitness routines. Most folks don’t consider it a must for a crossfit. A jump rope would impact on your budget for the fact that it costs just few bucks- with 10 to 20 dollars, you can pay for a jump rope.